College Waitlist? 5 Secrets to Getting Accepted Anyway!

You rush home to the mailbox, only to find out that the college of your dreams has put you on their “waitlist”…bummer. At this point, most students would just cross the college off their list right away…

“If they put me on the ‘waitlist,’ then I must not be good enough for them, so oh well.”

STOP! Don’t give up so easily. You still have a shot at getting accepted if you just put in a little effort. In this article, I’m going to give you 5 secrets to getting accepted to college after you’ve been put on the waitlist.

Are you ready? Get your pen and paper out, here we go…

Secret #1– Send the form back immediately indicating that you still want to be on the waitlist. This is half the battle! Can you imagine how many students receive the letter or post-card without sending it back in? Schools will only offer admission to interested students, so you must continue to express interest.

Secret #2– Call the school and get the contact information for the admissions officer responsible for your application. Once you get this information, contact the admissions officer and tell him or her that this school is your top choice and that if you get accepted, you’ll definitely attend. Have your guidance counselor call to reinforce how serious you are.

Secret #3– Don’t take it personal. There are many reasons why schools put students on their waitlist and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t think you’re qualified. Be polite when you talk to the admission’s officer. They are human too and do sympathize with sincere students. Ask them if there are any weaknesses that you can address. Usually there isn’t, but asking only reinforces your sincerity.

Secret #4– Don’t become annoying. The last thing you want to do is get on their nerves. I know it may be tempting to get obsessed with calling or emailing the school every other day, but don’t do it! The admissions officer doesn’t want to be attacked. You want the school to remember you, but you don’t want to become the annoying student who’s just become a royal pain in the butt!

Secret #5– Don’t have your parents call. When your parents see how upset you are, they may be inclined to call the school themselves. Don’t let them do this! Once you’ve calmed down, you should call the school on your own and make a case for yourself. After all, you’re an adult now so you’re more than capable of handling this situation.

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