College Wardrobe Essentials

You only get one shot at college and in order to do it right you will need to be fully equipped with all the right gear.

You’ll be shopping for all sorts of paraphernalia in preparation for college such as school supplies, room décor and a new wardrobe.

Shopping for new clothes will be especially exciting if you had to wear uniforms in high school.

While your wardrobe may not be the most essential thing to help you succeed in college, it is pretty important.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

As you begin your journey to conquer the world, here are 5 college wardrobe essentials your closet should not be lacking:


College is one of those times in your life when you can be extremely lazy in your attire and nobody will judge you for it. You may want to invest in five pairs of sweatpants so you can wear one each day of the week and repeat that cycle the entire year.

Since classes are sporadically spread out rather than clumped together in a block, it often seems pointless to get dressed up for them. You will leave your room for the duration of class and return immediately after.

Sweats are wardrobe essentials for those lazy days and long days you will be guaranteed to have throughout college.


Depending on the climate of your school’s location, jackets may or may not be the most important item on this list. Regardless it would be smart to invest in a versatile jacket suitable for all occasions.

If you go to school where it is cold or snows, you will definitely need a heavy jacket to provide warmth. You will probably have more jackets in your wardrobe than any other clothing article—one for skiing, one for class, one for going out at night, etc.

A jacket will be a crucial wardrobe item even if the weather at your school permits short-sleeves most days. In college you may find yourself out and about more at night and an extra layer wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes it may even just be a college fashion statement—jackets can add so much to an otherwise plain outfit.


You should bring a good pair of sneakers to college for the adventure that is in store for you. They will come in handy in a variety of scenarios.

Sneakers are comfortable and wearable for when you are out and about all day. You often will find yourself running around between classes and errands and comfort will be crucial.

Also in college exercising and staying healthy will be important. You can use the gym on campus and go before or after class so it will be easier to make it a priority. Exercising outdoors—such as going on runs or hikes with friends—will also require tennis shoes.

Professional Attire

College will present you with many opportunities in which you should dress professionally. Whether it is a job interview, club meeting, internship or chat with an adviser, how you dress will affect how they regard you.

It is important to dress appropriately for those types of situations so that you will be taken seriously. Be prepared to dress up by having in your closet a suit and tie if you are a boy or a dress, skirt, tights and high heels if you are a girl.

How you dress has the potential to alter how people view you, how you carry yourself and how prepared you will be for a variety of opportunities. It’s time to go shopping to buy these college wardrobe essentials in order to conquer the world!

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