Colleges in Florida

When researching colleges during high school, a lot of students choose to seek out colleges in Florida.

Why, you might ask?

In this post we’ll cover some of the benefits of college life in Florida, and then dive right into providing you with an overview of some of the top colleges in Florida.

Benefits of College Life in Florida

Besides the obvious – amazing weather, beautiful beaches, close to tons of spring break destinations, and home of the infamous Walt Disney World – a lot of students are attracted to colleges in Florida solely because of what the colleges and universities in this state have to offer students.

Colleges in Florida are huge and give students a variety of different choices when it comes to academic programs, majors, and degree options. A lot of college bound high school students believe that colleges in Florida offer the perfect environment and academic training necessary to be competitive in the work force.

For those high school students interested in sports, colleges in Florida also have highly competitive men’s and women’s sports programs and really enthusiastic sports fans.

Top 5 Colleges in Florida

Below is a list of the top 5 colleges in Florida, along with a brief description of each school.

1. University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)

The University of Florida is the 2nd largest university in the country and the largest university in Florida, with a total enrollment of approximately 50,000 students! The university contains 17 colleges, and over 150 institutes and research centers.

In addition to a high quality education, the football and basketball athletic programs are also very well-known and competitive. Given the top of the line educational opportunities, numerous social clubs, and popular athletic events…the University of Florida is a very attractive university; this school is the reason that some students immediately begin researching colleges in Florida.

2. Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida)

Similar to the University of Florida, Florida State University is another one of those popular colleges in Florida for its academics and athletics. FSU has a large campus and a diverse population of students. The campus offers 16 different colleges that have over 90 different undergraduate degree programs. Some of the academic programs the school is known for include the following: film, political science, business, social policy, law, medicine, and social work…just to name a few.

FSU also has a great athletic program. Their sports teams have claimed dozens of national athletic championships over the years.

3. University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida)

The University of Miami is a academically competitive, private institution located on the outskirts of Miami, FL in Coral Gables. It’s smaller than some of the previously mentioned colleges in Florida; Approximately 15,000 students attend this university. This school offers over 350 undergraduate, masters and doctorate level degree programs taught by over 2,000 top-notch instructors. Students from all over the globe (close to 150 different countries) attend this university.

The University of Miami also has a great sports program. They are a Division 1 college and have 15 sports teams, including the following – football, basketball, baseball, cross-country, track and field, diving, rowing, golf, soccer, and volleyball.

4. University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida)

The University of Central Florida is considered to be one of the most dynamic colleges in Florida. This 1,415-acre campus has 216 degree programs and 12 colleges. Approximately 56,000 students attend classes on UCF’s main campus.

UCF has also become an academic and research leader in various fields, like optics, modeling and simulation, engineering and computer science, business administration, education, science, hospitality management, and digital media.

5. University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida)

The University of South Florida is another one of those academically competitive colleges in Florida. The university offers 13 colleges with 89 undergraduate degree programs. Students are allowed to focus on a specific academic discipline, while also exploring other areas of interest in the school’s other colleges.

The University of South Florida prides itself on promoting academic programs that support “interdisciplinary inquiry, intellectual development, knowledge and skill acquisition, and student success through a diverse, full-engaged, learner-centered campus environment.” This school is another one of those great colleges in Florida.

If you are interested in attending one of these colleges in Florida or a different college, and want to learn more information, visit my post “3 Ways to Quickly Research Colleges.

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