Common College Application

If you’re in the process of applying to college and your desk looks similar to the picture on your left, then you should definitely consider the Common College Application!

The Common College Application is a college application that is accepted by several different college and universities.

The company that created this application is a not-for-profit organization that began 35 years ago.

This general application makes the college application process much easier and can be used to apply to over 400 schools!

Before I get started, I want you to watch this short video that will provide you with some general information about the common application:

General Information Video

Hopefully that video provided you with a little bit more background about the Common College Application.

Here are some other things that you are probably wondering …

Why Should I Use The Common College Application?

The college application process can be stressful and time consuming.  If you use the Common College Application, all you have to do is fill out one application and you’ll have access to 400+ colleges and universities.  The Common College Application allows you to spend more time visiting campuses, writing essays, and successfully completing your senior year of high school.

How Many People Use It?

Last year, over 2 million Common College Applications were submitted to colleges and universities.  So, YES it is becoming an increasingly popular means of applying to college.

Watch this short video to see exactly how the common college application works from a student’s perspective:

Student’s Perspective

Do colleges or universities view the Common College Application the same as their own paper or online application?

Absolutely!  The application itself has been developed over time and all the 400+ colleges and universities who accept the application give the same consideration to the common college application as their own form.  In fact, for some colleges and universities, the common college application is the only way that you can apply to the college.

How do I make sure that my recommendation forms, transcripts, etc. all get included with my common college application?

Mostly all colleges and universities require that you send in a variety of information from your teachers and guidance counselor.  The common college application website allow teachers and counselors to complete all the necessary forms online or they can print out PDF files that can then be mailed to the appropriate college or university.  Sounds simple, right?

Watch these 2 short videos to see exactly how the common college application works from a teacher and counselor’s perspective:

Teacher’s Perspective

Counselor’s Perspective

What If I’m a Transfer Student?

No worries!  The common college application has applications for transfer, as well as first-year college students.  Just log-on to the website and select which application applies to you.

Good Luck!  I hope this information was helpful to you and makes your college application process less stressful.  🙂

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