Conquering Move-In Madness

Moving into your dorm is an exciting time in your college career. It’s the first step to a little more independence from your parents and the first step to being a college student if you’re living on campus.

While move in day can be a day full of excitement, it can also be a day full of stress. Don’t let stress stand in your way of a great move in day. Follow these tips for an easy transition into dorm life.

Assemble a Team

First and foremost find people to help you move in! Whether that is your parents, family, friends, random people on the street, gather a few people close to you that will be willing to help you out.

Even if you think the process will be simple and you wont need any help it’s just nice to have the company. Moving in can be exhausting and you may even decide that you want your team’s help. You don’t want to carry all those heavy boxes by yourself!


Make sure that all of your boxes are clearly marked and labeled. That will make the unpacking process much easier. Try to pack like things together as well. It will help make setting up your desk, closet and living space a breeze.

Start Early

Early birds get the worm, and move in day is no exception to the rule. The earlier you start the better chances are that you’ll have a much less stressful day.

Things that you’ll benefit from by starting early:

  • You wont have to fight for a parking spot
  • You’ll be able to get a dolly/ bin on wheels/ flat to help move
  • If you beat your roommate you can pick which bed you want
  • You can still have time to run back out to the store for anything else you need

And the sooner you finish the longer you can relax and settle into your new home.

Don’t Over Pack

It’s better to have to run back to the store for extra hangers and decorations than it is to show up with way too many. You’ll feel overwhelmed by all of the things in your room.

Try to be a minimalist when you first move in. You’ll be acquiring things throughout your semester and your room will quickly fill up. Don’t start out with too much or you’ll be stuffed to the brims by the end of the year.

Be Mindful

Keep your roommate in mind while you move in. Remember that it isn’t just your room. Don’t spread all of your things out across the whole room, as tempting as it might be. Try to stick to your side as much as you can, or at least ask your roommate if you can spread out a little before you just take over.

When decorating your side think of your roommate too. Try to decorate with things that are true to yourself, but are also something your roommate would want to look at for a year.

Also take move in as a bonding time for you and your roommate. You both are probably feeling a lot of the same emotions and could use a friend. Lucky for you you’ve been thrown into a situation where you can have an instant friend. Capitalize on this and get to know your roomie as you move in

No matter if you follow these tips or not, make sure to enjoy your move in. Things can seem like they are moving at warp speed the first few days of college, so don’t forget to slow down, take in all in and enjoy your new found freedom.

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