Cool Dorm Ideas for Girls

After finally making a permanent decision on your college, one of the perks of the lengthy and hectic preparation process is that you get to decorate your dorm room.

While dorm decorating may add to the list of things you must get done before you move, it is usually a fun activity that can be ultimately rewarding and induce a comfortable setting that will feel like home.

Here are some cool dorm ideas for girls. They’re the prettiest and most creative decoration ideas that I saw at my school.


I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend stringing lights up around your dorm room. If you were to pick one of my cool dorm ideas for girls that is not a necessity to purchase, I would tell you to buy pretty lights.

I believe that lights can automatically transform any ordinary room into a magical space. Almost any strand of lights will do the job, and can range from room décor lanterns to old Christmas lights.

When I moved into my dorm room, I purchased a strand of colorful bulb lights that I hung around the shelf portion above my desk. These ended up serving as a night light for me and my two roommates and guided me safely down my bunk bed if I ever needed to get up in the middle of the night.

In December, my roommate’s boyfriend bought three strands of Christmas lights and strung them around the entire perimeter of the ceiling of our dorm room and wrapped a strand around the bars of the bunk bed. After the holidays, we ended up taking down the colored lights but leaving the white lights around the bed up.

I bought my balloon-like glass bulb lights from Target in their home goods and gardening section. Target usually has a wide selection of different décor lights, where one of my friends bought colorful lantern lights and another bought a strand of flowers that light up.

Another place I recommend checking out for lights is Cotton On, where I recently bought a string of flowery lantern lights to hang around my sister’s vanity mirror.

Flower Garlands

Fake leaf or foliage garlands make an amazing alternative to lights if for any reason you are opposed to hanging lights up in your dorm room. Lights may make the room too hot and stuffy in the summertime or when the dorm heaters are on full blast during the holidays.

Wrapping a garland of flowers or leaves around the spokes of your bed frame adds festive girly touch to your room. In the fall, I like to have a garland of red and orange leaves around my bed, and I switch that to Christmas lights in the winter, and then to a strand of flowers when spring comes around.

Ribbon Board/ Bulletin Board

Before moving into the dorms, I was set on getting a French-style ribbon bulletin board to collage all of my favorite high school memories. I ended up not going with a ribbon board because the walls of dorm room were entirely covered with cork board and allowed us to pin pictures directly onto the walls.

However, if your dorm room does not come equipped with bulletin boards, I would recommend getting one to display pictures of the family and friends you are leaving behind. A ribbon board will add an extra feminine and unique spin to your standard brown board.

Picture Frames

Frames allow for you to show off your pictures in a neat manner and draws focus to the people or objects in a picture. While frames cleanly display photographs, I would not recommend purchasing too many because they take up a lot of counter/desk space that you probably will not have in your dorm room. Stick to a maximum of three picture frames.

Thumb Tack Necklace Hangers

Jewelry storage décor such as jewelry chests and trees look lovely, but they tend to take up a lot of space. As an easy solution to this problem, a lot of girls on my floor opted for creating their own jewelry hangers using what was already available.

As I mentioned before, the walls of each dorm room in my building had cork board covering most of the surface, so a lot of girls decided to use their jewelry to fill up some wall space.

These makeshift jewelry hangers are not only super inexpensive and creative to make but also relieve storage space. All you need for this cool dorm ideas for girls is to create a jewelry hanger is a few thumb tacks and your necklaces. Simply place a few thumb tacks into the wall space as you desire, and hang your necklaces and bracelets from the thumb tacks.

Some people will also buy frames to place around their hanging necklaces in order to amp up the artistry. If your dorm does not have cork board covering the walls, you can do the exact same thing with a regular bulletin board and have necklaces dangling off the bottom of the board.

Bunk Bed Curtains

When sharing a room with others, you will always run the risk of facing complications such as conflicting roommate sleep schedules. One roommate will be up late while the other is going to bed. To solve this problem, my friend’s light-sensitive roommate on the bottom bunk created curtains for her bed.

First and foremost, you must be on the bottom bunk in order to utilize this curtain idea. You will also need to buy two expandable curtain rods, and any curtains of your liking. Assuming that your bunk bed is wedged in a corner against two walls, jam the rods on the two remaining sides with the open space.

When you have found a desirable curtain height, place the curtains over the rods, and then expand the rods so they stay snuggly in place in between the wooden legs of the bed frame holding the top bunk up. This simple DIY will allow you to finally enjoy a night of sleep in the dark!

Additional Ideas

Of course no cool dorm ideas for girls list would be complete without cute bedding! The beds are the main focus of a dorm room, so be sure to buy or bring a nice duvet and some throw pillows.

Since standard dorm rooms are drab and plain, I would recommend going for brighter colors and patterned bedding. You might also want to contact your roommate after you receive your room assignments in case you desire to coordinate any room décor or colors with each other.

Apart from pictures, posters are another easy way you can fill up the blank space on your dorm room walls.

One girl on my floor came to college in California from New York, and I thought it was rather witty of her to hang an enormous poster of a New York City view covering almost the entire wall space beside her bed.

Curtains can make all the difference in a room and can pull a dorm straight out of jail cell status to a home vibe, but unless your school provides curtain rods in the dorms, I would not recommend bothering with window curtains.

Most campus dorms will provide blinds on the windows to shield the sun and do not allow residents to drill holes or renovate their dorm rooms. You will be better off spending your money and efforts on some of the other cool dorm ideas for girls I have mentioned above, so good luck and happy decorating!

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