Cute Dorm Ideas

Let’s be honest. It can be rather boring and mundane to live in a room with no color, no life and no personality. Maybe you haven’t moved into your freshman dorm yet, or perhaps you’re right in the middle of your freshman year. Either way, it’s never to late to add some “you” to your room.

Adding more life to your room will help make it a more pleasant place to study. If you’re currently a freshman in a dorm, look around. Doesn’t your room deserve a little color? The answer is yes! Here are a few cute dorm ideas to give your room a little flare.

  • Multi-purpose doorknobs

Walk into your local home improvement store and you’re bound to find an aisle or two with nothing but doorknobs. But these doorknobs aren’t just for drawers or doors anymore! Find a few you like and use them in a different way than their typical use. Put them up on your wall and hang necklaces or scarves from them. This is one of my favorite cute dorm ideas to display your accessories rather than your typical jewelry stand.

You can also find great doorknobs at Urban Outfitters. Last year, my roommates purchased a few and hung their scarves on them and it definitely added a personal touch to their room.

  • Light up your room

No, I don’t mean your desk lamp. I’m talking about string lights! This can be something fun to add to a wall or two in your room. Hanging lights will instantly make your room cozier. And heck, if you buy a set of Christmas lights right after the holiday season you may even find them at a cheaper price!

  • Mason jars as pencil holders

Okay, I have to admit it … I love mason jars. Whether it be drinking coffee out of them or even storing some food, they’re great. As another cute dorm idea, I currently use one of my mason jars as a pencil and pen holder on my desk. Yes, maybe they’re just jars, but something about using mason jars in various ways such as a pencil holder helps to make your room just that much more personalized, no matter how small the idea is. So take your pens and pencils out of that plain ol’ holder of yours and get yourself some cheap mason jars.

  • Greenery

Every now and then I enjoy picking up flowers to put in a vase in my dorm room. This is an easy way to add some color to your room and make it feel more like home. If flowers aren’t your thing, get a plant! Or better yet, a succulent! Succulents are definitely trendy right now. I just picked one up a few weeks ago at a local store for less than $3! And if the price wasn’t enough to convince you, succulents require little care so they’re easy to take care of!

  • Coordinate with your roommate

My freshman year I had two friends who had the cutest dorm room. While they each had different colors going on (green and blue vs. pink), somehow both sides of their room complimented each other well. Their comforters were similar, though different colors.

It may be hard to coordinate with your roommate as far as dorm decor goes, but if you guys can pull it off, it’s sure to look great! If you guys both have different colors going on, you can easily bring it all together by getting decorations with both colors in the mix.

Whichever way you decide to go about decorating your dorm room, be sure to make it the most you it can possibly be. Personalizing your room will surely make it feel more like home rather than just a small, bare room. I hope you enjoyed my cute dorm ideas. Happy decorating!

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