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Cute Dorm Rooms: 7 Examples, Many Possibilities |

Cute Dorm Rooms: 7 Examples, Many Possibilities

Hey there, incoming freshman! You excited for dorm life?

It’s true that you do have to share a bathroom with several other people and dining halls may not always have the most quality of food. Yes, this is all true.

What’s also true? Your room will be small. That’s a given. Even if you’re one of the lucky few in a triple, a quad, a suite or even a single where things are a bit more spread out or you’re living by yourself, there’s no way to get around the fact that your actual bedroom will be small.

Although this seems like a bummer and the idea of living in such an enclosed space for a year sounds terribly exhausting, I’m pleased to say that I have some amazing results of cute dorm rooms after just a little reorganizing and clever decorating.

To give you inspiration to make a small haven of your own, I’ll show you 7 different cute dorm rooms, fabulous enough to make any space feel like home, even your tiny college bedroom!

If these clever college kids can make something incredibly cute dorm rooms, then I’m sure your clever self can too!

1.  Teamwork Trend

This is a great example of teamwork for your average double dorm room!

These girls not only coordinated in color scheme ideas but they literally got the same comforter,  same makeshift drawers and set up their desks in the exact same way too!

In addition, they also both got bunk beds but had the beds underneath removed so that they could be used for work spaces and relaxation areas. The symmetry of the room and the beautiful matching flowers just really pull the room together!

2. Zen Modern

Minimalism is key for this cute dorm room! Get rid of the rusty college frame completely and just use the mattress!

I know college mattresses aren’t the greatest but spending a little more dough on a tempurpedic-like mattress cover and I promise you, it’ll feel just as good as any bed in a hotel. Getting rid of the frame alone really opens up the space.

Having a very small comforter and decorating with simple solid colors will make everything feel much lighter and way more modern. Have a lot of knick-knacks and extra pieces of junk that you have no real use for?

Now’s the chance for a good clean out and have only the necessities! Don’t worry, you can still keep all of your clothes in the closet. Those don’t need to go! But the rest of the room should be free of any clutter to really pull the focus and relieve all your tensions from the day!

3. Simple and Classic

Cute dorm rooms always incorporate a few items from home. Why not?! This room is perfect inspiration for anyone who wants something simple but classic.

Who says you have to stick with the crummy old desk chairs or lamps that the college gives you? Have a desk chair that is also cute and comfortable enough to be an arm chair and a desk lamp with a shade that better hides the yellowish glow of your fluorescents. A sweet floral pattern also never hurts.

Then, use your set of drawers as a side table too, right next to the desk, keeping everything on one side of the room, very neat and very cute. Keep the colors simple and not too bright and I promise, that it’ll make for a relaxing and calming workspace.

This room also shows really awesome ways to organize your desk, a DIY jewelry stand and a cute light fixture, easy to hang and cheap to buy!

4.  Decorations Do’s!

So many cute dorm rooms, right? I love this one! Simple colors with nothing too extra to overdo it!

Throw pillows? Completely unnecessary when you have the right color combos! Flowers always go a long way and who cares if they’re real or not! They fake ones are cheaper and they last throughout a cold winter.

Don’t overdo wall decor with tacky posters and hundreds of photos. Instead find really cool walls hangings like a map or even bring in a real framed painting for that homey feel! A small amount of fairy lights are also a great way to brighten up any room!

5. Keep It Personal

dorm room 4

This dorm room is so adorable. It’s super simple and simply delightful! The personal touches of a DIY name banner and the idea of breaking away from the concrete enclosure of the room by adding a touch a nature is just perfect! Making your room welcoming and inviting to anyone who walks inside, especially you!

This room also demonstrates a great example of balancing wall decor. Nothing is too blank and boring but covering your entire wall in photos and large posters is never the best idea either. It makes the feel room smaller and more crowded. Try to find the right balance giving your room a warm and spacious feeling.

6. Rising Up!

dorm room risers

Risers are an amazing idea for any college bed. It gives you way more storage space for underneath is a great way to organize all of your supplies!

Better yet, getting a kind of dust ruffle or bed curtain to put underneath the mattress to hang down, so that it covers all the other storage boxes underneath. It makes everything look really neat and tidy!

Risers may make it a little more tricky to get up into your bed, if you’re like me and tall is not a word you’d describe yourself with, but I think it just makes it more of an adventure! Time to jump into bed, literally!

7. Rearrange and Organize

dorm room 3

These roommates clearly devised a clever setup that makes a lot of room for space!

A setup like this is perfect for one desk to have 2 purposes: to be a desk for one roommate and a side table for another.

Then just place the second desk next to that one and not only does the room look organized but it also looks cool and truly original! Now you have all the space for twinkling lights and perhaps a futon? Or maybe just a giant dresser for you both to share for all your clothes!

A lot of these college dorm rooms may not be compatible with the rooms for some of you but the point is not to copy exactly what these girls did, but to find inspiration! Feel free to take any idea from perhaps 3 different rooms and put them together to make your version of one of these cute dorm rooms.

Become your own college interior designer and have fun with it!

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Nina Reichenberg, a junior at Syracuse University spent her first two years in the Communications Design Program but is now currently working towards a degree in Computer Art & Animation. Whilst at school, Nina spends most of her time animating, watching films, and working as a design intern at SYR Outside of SU, she enjoys traveling, singing, dancing, spending time outside and collecting thimbles.

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One Response to “Cute Dorm Rooms: 7 Examples, Many Possibilities”

  • Amber Bray

    Amber Bray on February 4, 2013

    All of these ideas are so cute!! A lot of them are so much more than what you would think is possible in a bland dorm room, but it is amazing what you can do with a few pieces of eye candy and a cohesive design.

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