Dealing With Homesickness – Part 2

So the focus of Part 1 was to help you understand why you feel homesick and give you some tips on how to cope with these internal feelings.

In this post, I’m going to provide you with 5 concrete action items that you can take to make dealing with homesickness a little easier.

Action 1 – Call home

This may sound like a “no-brainer,” but it can really help.  Now, let me caution you…you shouldn’t call home ALL the time, but once a day or every other day is perfectly normal.  Calling home to talk to friends or family can sometimes ease your heartache.  But, remember to keep the conversation positive.

Action 2 – Join something (Club, Sports Team, Volunteer Group, etc.)

Joining some club or organization is a great way to meet people.  Take some time to evaluate your hobbies and do some research to determine if there are any campus organizations that might be of interest to you.  Meeting people may seem hard at first, but once you venture out, then you’ll realize that it’s much easier than you think.

Action 3 – Hang out with friends

Sometimes a night out with your new college friends can really help with your homesickness.  It can help you relax, have a good time, and take your mind off of things back home.  It will also help you build stronger relationships with your college buddies, which will help college feel more like home.

Action 4 – Get an on-campus job

Getting an on-campus job is another great way to meet people that you might not otherwise meet.  Besides, a little extra cash couldn’t hurt.  Check with the career center to see if there are any current openings at places like the library or coffee shop.

Action 5 – Visit home

Although I don’t recommend doing this too often, visiting home can really be a great way to recharge your batteries (and get some of mom’s good ‘ole home cooking).  Be careful not to turn this into a every weekend thing, but allow yourself to go home when you need to.

Final Thoughts

It can be incredibly easy for college freshman to hide away in their dorm room and wallow in their misery of missing home, etc….but doing this prevents you from meeting new people, trying new things, and truly getting the most out of college life.

You didn’t go to college to be a hermit, did you?  Of course not!  So, do your best to spend the large majority of your time outside of your dorm room – even if it’s just at the campus coffee shop, student center, or library.  You’d be surprised how many new friends you’ll have in no time.

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