Debating Going Greek?

If you’re curious about the people behind the Greek letters on houses, you’re not alone. Many students contemplate joining the Greek system at their university or college. Although there are often some stereotypes involved, many students in fraternities and sororities find the experience very gratifying.

Julia Grippe, a junior at Michigan State University, is member of the Chi Omega sorority. According to Grippe, joining Greek life has created opportunities for her that would not have had otherwise.

Stefany Banda, also a member of Chi Omega at MSU also has many reasons for enjoying the Greek system.

Banda and Grippe share their stories so you can learn about the highs and lows of going Greek.

1. What are some benefits of going Greek?

Grippe: “I get to be involved in a lot more during my four years of college that other students don’t get to do. It’s easier to get involved with philanthropy events when you’re part of a big organization. Chi Omega is also the largest sorority in the US so there are endless connections and people to network with after we graduate when we are looking for jobs. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to hold leadership positions within the sorority. I held a position last year and learned more from that than I did in most of my classes.”

Banda: One of the greatest benefits is definitely just meeting the friends that I know will be my best friends forever. I’ve never been so close with a group of girls in my entire life

2. What are some negative aspects of Greek life?

Grippe: you are automatically stereotyped to be a “party girl.” There are some classes that I wont wear my letters to because I feel like the professor will judge

Banda: The number one drawback I would say is the stereotypes. People that aren’t in a sorority or fraternity don’t fully understand it. Sometimes I feel like my professors judge me as well if they see me wearing my Greek letters.

3. What is your favorite park about Greek life at MSU?

Grippe: I am part of a wonderful group of people. Every house has a lot of strong leaders and when we come together we can make some really great things happen. The best example is during Greek week when we raise money for relay for life. I am really proud to say I am part of MSU Greek life.

Banda: My favorite part is definitely just the opportunity I have been given to meet new people, and it’s honestly a great tool for networking too – I have scored interviews through just being Greek!

4. Would you recommend the Greek system for other students?

Grippe: “I was on the fence my first semester freshman year and I wasn’t really into the idea. But now I think back and I am so thankful I went through with it. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the friends or memories that I have made. It has enhanced my college experience by 100%.”

Banda: Just do it! You will make friends that will last you a lifetime. It’s a time commitment but it helps you in every aspect of your life!

So as you can see, there are many reasons to join a fraternity or sorority that can enhance your college experience. Greek life isn’t for everyone, but for those that can find a common bond between people of a certain house, they seem to enjoy their experiences.

We all know going Greek comes with certain stereotypes, sorority sisters and frat brothers are much more than just parties, formals and date parties.

When deciding whether or not to join, consider ways it will allow to enhance your resume. Between the networking opportunities from Greek life alumni, to hosting charity events, going Greek can be a rewarding experience for you, and your surrounding community.

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