Diets for College Students

Everyone’s heard of the freshman fifteen. Meaning in your first year of college you’ll probably gain fifteen pounds.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but you can’t keep up the freshman fifteen diet throughout your four years of college. Unless you want to look like Chris Christie (Krispy Kreme Christie).

So you have to try and stay relatively health conscious. I know it’s hard, especially in your freshman year when you’re forced to eat that disgusting dorm food. And any dorm food that is anything close to healthy is gag-inducing.

That’s why the topic of diets for college students is so important. I try to follow a food regimen that looks something like this.


I’ve never been one to eat a big breakfast. So I just eat a Balance bar to start up my morning. A nice bit of energy to start off your morning! Doesn’t require you to cook anything and it quenches your hunger for awhile.


Typically, I like to have a sandwich, preferably ham or turkey. Again, quick and easy to make and not unhealthy. Along with my sandwich I like to have some sort of fruit, like a banana or an apple. Trust me when I say you want to try and eat fruits as much as possible, because when you eat real fruit after a long time of not having any, it comes as a shock to your body.

Some sort of brief dessert piece after a sandwich and fruit doesn’t hurt. Like an Oreo or two. There you have a good, well-balanced lunch that should keep you nice and full for a long time!


Believe me, it’s very tempting to go out to eat for dinner. Especially when you have to rely on disgusting dorm food. Even when living in on-campus apartment housing where we get to make our own food, my roommates like to go out to eat for dinner a lot on weekends.

Going out to eat once or twice a week isn’t bad. But after awhile it does add up- in terms of money and weight.

If you’re in a position where you can cook for yourself, do it. I like to have pasta and cook meat, and when I don’t have a lot of time, I microwave chicken patty sandwiches and teriyaki chicken breasts.  After having that, it’s good to have a vegetable or two. I like to have carrots, spinach leaves and broccoli.

Vegetables, as painful as they may be to eat sometimes, are something you’re going to have to in your college student diet if you want to maintain good health. And like fruit, if you go a long time without having any, it becomes a total shock to your body when you have them.

After this nice meal, some dessert is fine. I’m a chocoholic so I like indulge myself in chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, but at this point eat whatever you want to your heart’s content. (within reason, of course)


This is probably the hardest place to stay in healthy in college. Because after all, why would you have something healthy like celery for a snack when you there are some very tasty Barbecue-flavored Lays Chips that would much better satisfy your hunger? Or a delicious chocolate-chip cookie  with your name on it.

While these are fine to have every now and then, it’s better to have something like Goldfish as a snack. Or pretzels. Peanuts work too- especially with trail mix!

It is hard to maintain a healthy diet in college- especially for someone like me, who has a massive sweet tooth. I certainly don’t follow this diet recommendation as much as I should. But if you follow this pretty well, you will do yourself a favor.

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