DIY Dorm Decor

Furnishing and decorating your dorm room can be costly, and sometimes all that department stores have to offer is generic.

These inexpensive, easy, do it yourself projects will help turn any cold dorm room into a homey haven:

  • Mason Jar Art:

You’ll only need a few things to turn a regular glass jar into a light source or to decorative paperweight.

What you’ll need: A mason jar, sand and seashells OR colored tissue paper, tea light candle, glue, and a paintbrush.

Step 1: Find a medium size mason jar, and clean it out.

Step 2: Either fill the jar with sand (beige or colored to match your other décor) and add sea shells OR cut up colored tissue paper into squares and glue it onto the outside of the jar. Then take a paintbrush and brush the glue over the paper for a glossy finish.

Step 3: Add a tea light candle either anchored into the sand, or just on the bottom of the jar for a stained glass effect.

Quick Tip: Some dorms don’t allow candles in the rooms, so to avoid fines use battery operated ones.

  • Wall Art Canvas:

Instead of generic posters or photo frames, turn photos from home, magazine clippings, or tangible memories into wall art.

What you’ll need: A canvas, Photos, magazine clippings, or any other paper memories, decoupage, paintbrush and scissors.

Step 1: Gather together photos, magazine or newspaper clippings, or any other paper product memories you have.

Step 2: Cut the photos, etc. into smaller pieces and glue them to a canvas as a collage.

Step 3: After the pieces are glued onto the canvas, brush a thin coat of decoupage over the entire canvas to give it a glossy finish.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!

Quick tip: Make each canvas have a theme. Make one representing your favorite vacation by using pictures, plane tickets or amusement park passes from your trip. Make another to represent your favorite TV or movie. Find pictures of the characters online or in magazines. To further personalize it, use a permanent marker to write words or quotes over the canvas too!

  • Fleece Throw Blanket:

To use as a comforter in the warmer months, or as an extra cozy throw while you’re relaxing, this fleece blanket is a perfect way to give a cold room a homey feel.

What you’ll need: Two pieces of fleece fabric (about 1 ½ yards each), one patterned one solid, a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Place the fabrics on top of each other, with the pattern showing face up.

Step 2: Make 1” X 5” inch cuts all the way around the perimeter of the blanket, so it looks like fringe.

Step 3: Carefully separate each piece of fringe (the solid from the patterned) and tie in a knot.

Step 4: Once you have tied together all the fringe, you’ll have a perfect homemade blanket to cozy up to anywhere you go.

Quick tip: Make another for your friends, so they have a piece of home in their dorm too!

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Lisa Manente

Lisa Manente

Lisa Manente is a senior at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She will be graduating with the BA in Media Studies and Communications in May. Editing the Entertainment section for her university’s newspaper and magazine has fueled her passion for entertainment journalism, which is the career path she plans to explore. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, listening to music, and catching up on celebrity gossip.