College Students, Do Not Forget To Sleep

Are you always tired? Do you yawn a lot during the day? On average do you get less than 8 hours of sleep a night? Do you stay up late and work on homework? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, it sounds like you need some sleep education.

Sleep studies have been done at many leading research universities.  Many of them have found that sleep not only keeps us healthy, but it can do wonders for the way we act daily. Everyone knows that sleep is important, but here are a few main reasons why everyone needs sleep.

Memory Improvement and Increased Focus

Sleep improves your memory and your ability to focus. Sleep helps your body stay regulated. It keeps you less emotional and can prevent drastic mood swings and it prevents disease and can assist at helping improve any illness.

These are some amazing things that you can do for yourself, just by getting an adequate amount of shut eye at night! But sometimes getting enough sleep is not possible. What can we, as college students, do to improve our sleeping schedules? Here are two tips.

Make a Routine

Set up your daily schedule or to do list – there are so many different things going on in your day, sometimes it is hard to keep track of everything. You may even need to schedule in a sufficient amount of sleep. And that is fine! Write up your daily routine on a piece of paper the night before, and count how many hours you anticipate you will get. If you do not feel like that is enough, schedule your day to make the right amount of time fit. Remember, it is recommended that each and every person get around 8 hours of sleep a night, but some people need less, while others may need a little more. You know yourself best, so plan for the amount of rest you feel is necessary.

Nap time!

Utilize a nap – if you mess up on your sleep schedule during the week, do not stress. If you feel yourself getting more and more tired during the day and your alertness is down, take a nap. Naps are extremely beneficial to wake yourself back up. Naps can help improve your alertness, and make your performance better than it would have been without the rest. Naps should only last from about 20 to 30 minutes, in order to lessen the amount of fatigue you feel when you wake up. They are great tools to use, just make sure that you do not over sleep, or you might completely ruin your sleeping pattern.

Try to remember that sleeping is something we all need. Even though we have so many things to do in our day, just grabbing a cup of coffee or an energy drink to perk you up is not efficient. You need rest, your body needs sleep, and your mind needs the time to grow and remember the things you have learned in that day. So, grab your favorite blanket and pillow, and dream away.

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Kayla Yokoyama

Kayla Yokoyama

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