Don’t Like To Party? College Can Still Be A Lot Of Fun!

Partying is a common activity in college, but it doesn’t have to be. Many incoming freshman have the impression that going to parties and consuming alcohol is the only way to have fun in a college setting, but the truth is there are many ways to have a good time, some that are more fun, more safe and more healthy than drinking alcohol.

My friend is a senior in high school this year. When we were talking about where she would go to college, she told me one of her reasons for not coming to Michigan State University is because she doesn’t drink.

This blew me away, and not because I thought she was crazy for not drinking, but because of the impression she had about college life at certain universities.

Many universities are labeled as “party schools,” but incomers need to remember that doesn’t mean you are required to participate in such activities.

If you are not a big partier, you have options:

  1. Activity nights. Many colleges have an area on campus or in dorms where activity nights are hosted. For instance, at MSU the Union has craft nights, bowling, movie nights, poetry slams, a Battle of the Bands show and many other fun activities. Take advantage of programs and activities that are outside the norm, because college is likely the only time they will be offered to you.
  2. See a good ol’ fashioned movie. What happened to date nights? Dinner and a movie? Whether you go with your significant other or your friends, a movie is a fun way to do something relaxing after a hard week of hitting the books.
  3. Have a girls/boys night in. Incase you are strapped for cash (like most college students), have a girls or boys night in for some fun and relaxation. Girls—throw on some 90s boy band you used to love, get the manicure set out, or pop in a chick-flick. Guys—try a poker night, a video game tournament, or watch a sporting event together. Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your dorm/apartment as long as you can bring the fun to you.
  4. Do something ACTIVE. Who says a pick-up basketball game isn’t for the weekends? While everyone else is off packing on the pounds by drinking keg beer, you could be having fun while being healthy and active. Either grab your friends or head to a park or recreation center on campus and get a game of basketball or ultimate Frisbee going. You’ll be just as tired as the partiers by the end of the night, but without the hangover in the morning.    

Don’t let the pressures of cliché college atmospheres make you feel like drinking is something you must be doing to have fun. In many cases, drinking causes trouble with the police, trouble with dorm directors and gets people very sick. And let’s face it, there is only so many times your roommates will tolerate you puking in the bathroom, so try other activities for everyone’s sake.

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Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet is a sophomore at Michigan State University, studying journalism and philosophy of law. Aside from reporting, Madeline enjoys tae kwon do, reading, writing, researching and traveling, and can be considered a music enthusiast. Madeline currently works as an intern for, and is a banquet server at Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor, MI. Perfecting the storytelling side of reporting is something she looks forward to in her future career as a journalist.
Madeline Fetchiet

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