Dorm Bedding: 5 Cute Comforters for College

So, you want to make a good impression? That seems to be the normal consensus when students come to college.

Besides your hometown, favorite Netflix shows, music, and whether you prefer tea or coffee, the style of your dorm bedding can also be a way of expressing your personality.

Although the amount of times you actually make your bed will most likely be less than daily, having a nice comforter can really bring a dorm room to life.

Here are five cute comforters for college that I found priced from low to high.

IKEA $19.99 : Here is an example of something unique that can earn you some brownie points (especially with the English majors) while still keeping it somewhat tame.

ikea comforter

Walmart $27.49 : Now, this might not be everyone’s favorite print, but for those who seek a bold statement that can easily by reversed to something more subtle, zebra print is the way to go.

walmart zebra print

Target $19.99 : This comforter cover is really understated which can be perfect for someone who wants something a little more exciting than a solid color but aren’t ready for something as eye gripping as animal prints.

target comforter

Sears $44.99 : Here we have the solid color option; safe but never a bad choice. You can always add a little spice to the bed by adding some interesting pillows and maybe a few stuffed animals (don’t worry, nobody will judge you for them.)

sears comforter set

Amazon $45.52 : Do you have a favorite singer, actress, or sports star? Why not plaster their face on your bed? This option, although a little pricey, can be rewarding just in the fact that you will most likely be the only one on campus with this sort of comforter.

one direction comforter

Comforters for college aren’t the only way to keep your bedding interesting. Adding pillows and quilts are also ways to keep it lively. It’s all up to you! College is about making choices on your own and guess what, here is just another way to feel like a grownup; picking out your dorm bedding.

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Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas is a freshman at University of Iowa studying Journalism and Nonfiction Creative Writing. She plans to one day be able to get paid to travel around the world writing about her adventures. The day you can find her travel book on the shelves of bookstores will be the day she has finally reached her life goal. When she is not pursuing her dreams of travel writing, she is either at the University's radio station or on her computer wasting time on Tumblr and Netflix.

2 Responses to “Dorm Bedding: 5 Cute Comforters for College”

  • Cayla Gorsh

    Cayla Gorsh on March 8, 2013

    Great post. I agree that a certain type of comforter can tell what kind of personality you have so I like that you included that into your post. I know for one would never want to have a bedspread of a singer etc, too old for that haha :)

  • Rachel Talaska

    Rachel Talaska on March 9, 2013

    For college students price is everything! It was helpful to see what comforters I liked and how much they were. I also noticed how you found different comforters for people’s different tastes. Even just listing the stores at where they can be found is helpful because a lot of incoming freshman find it hard to find that special size fitted sheets for their beds.

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