Dorm Food: 5 Snacks You Should Keep In Your Room

Living in the dorms often means you don’t have a large refrigerator to keep perishable goods nor do you own a stove to cook for yourself.  As a result, keeping dorm food around isn’t always a good idea because it can go bad or attract ants.   Here is a list of five dorm food items that you can keep around to eat when you get those study break munchies or late night snack cravings.

Dorm Food: 5 Convenient Snacks

  • Cereal

This is one easy dorm food to keep in your room because it has a pretty long shelf life and is always a great snack.  My roommates and I used to keep a box of Lucky Charms in our room because it was a great pick me up and it was easy to just grab handfuls of it whenever we got hungry.  Additionally, cereal usually has enough nutritious value that you can justify eating large quantities of it in one sitting!

  • Granola Bars

Because breakfast isn’t always the easiest meal to wake up for, eating dorm food before getting to class can sometimes be a hassle.  Regardless, it’s important to have something before you start the day to help jumpstart the brain.  Granola bars come individually wrapped so each one can keep for months and you can buy variety packs that contain different nuts and flavors and fruits.  Granola bars are high in fiber and help with brain memory, not a bad dorm food to want during an early morning class.  Keeping granola bars on hand are a good way to have a snack that is convenient and nutritious.

  • Bottled Water

Being in the dorms and eating at dining commons sometimes means forgoing water and drinking the endless supply of sodas and juices that comes with a buffet style cafeteria.  Even though it’s technically not a ‘dorm food‘, keeping bottled water on hand in your dorm will be a constant reminder to keep drinking water and stay hydrated instead of those sugary drinks that you’ll be exposed to.  Bottled water also has a ridiculously long expiration date and can be carried to and from classes.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn isn’t just for the movies.  It’s also a healthy dorm food snack.  Corn is technically a vegetable and moreover, when the popcorn isn’t slathered with butter or salt like the movie theaters, it’s higher in protein that most cereal grains, virtually sugar-free, and high in iron.  Popcorn can also be paired with fun toppings like M&Ms or other seasonings for a little extra oomph.  Popcorn is usually made a microwave and most students keep one around in their dorms so even if you don’t have one, asking around your floor will most likely result in finding one.  And with the added promise of popcorn as a trade off for using their microwave, you might make new friends with your healthy dorm food snack!

  • Top Ramen

Lastly, a college student’s staple dorm food: top ramen.  This is probably not on any health committee’s top list for healthy dorm food but it is convenient and quick to make.  Water for the ramen can be easily heated in a microwave and ramen comes in a variety of flavors for a relatively cheap price.  Ramen also has a long shelf life and when bought in bulk, it can last for months on end.  Take caution when starting on the ramen because it is high in sodium and not great health wise, but for a quick dorm food snack, it’ll stave off your hunger until you can get something more nutritious.

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Clara Ma

Clara Ma

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