Dorm-Friendly Recipe In Less Than 5 Minutes

There comes a point in every college student’s career where they are officially over dorm food. Whether it takes weeks or months, the initial appeal of being able to eat as much as you want, of whatever you want, fades.

Despite this, for many college students time -and money, are limited. Cooking on a college budget with a college schedule can be challenging. But it is possible. That’s why I’ve made this video tutorial of one of my favorite quick recipes from college.

Egg toast, or “Egg-in-the-basket”, is not only quick, but is also amazingly simple – with delicious results. This fast recipe can merely be a tasty snack or expanded into a meal. Best of all, it only requires three ingredients and is simple enough to make in even the most basic dorm kitchenette.

So if you’re craving a delicious snack during a late-night study break, or want to impress the other students on your floor with your impressive cooking skills, you might want to take note.

As a senior, I can vouch that learning to cook for yourself sooner rather than later is a great skill to have. Having a few culinary tricks up your sleeve might just save the day should you find yourself unable to stomach another Taco Monday at the cafeteria.

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Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian

Emily Margosian is a senior at Augustana College, and is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Multimedia Journalism. She currently reports for her campus newspaper, The Augustana Observer, in addition to serving as sustainability co-chair within her sorority. When not participating in activities on campus, Emily enjoys searching for new recipes to experiment with. She hopes to one day do public relations work for art-based non-profit organizations
Emily Margosian

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