Dorm Recipes: 4 Meals You Don’t Need A Kitchen For

Dorm meals have a reputation to be limited to Easy Mac, ramen noodles, and microwave oatmeal. However, there are other, easy dorm recipes and snacks that you can make with just the basic “dorm kitchen”; a microwave, a fridge, and perhaps a coffee pot.

Now, for these dorm recipes, you may need a little more ingredients than you had originally planned to bring to the dorm with you, but you can easily make them worth the cost if you buy them in small amounts.

5 Easy & Delicious Dorm Recipes

  • A Chocolate mug cake or brownie. Luckily, the only ingredient you don’t readily have for most dessert dorm recipes is flour, and perhaps an egg, depending on your recipe.  Sugar and cocoa can easily be substituted by a pack of hot cocoa, and a small butter packet (available at your cafeteria) should work for any oil. Here’s one of the dorm recipes I use: 4tbsp flour, one hot cocoa packet (or 4tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp. cocoa), 2 tbsp. oil (or butter), 2 tbsp. water (or egg for both oil and water), and salt. Also, you can add whatever you like and have on hand; nuts, peanut butter, and nutella are some of my favorites.  Mix all ingredients until you get a batter-like consistency, and microwave for two minutes. This is one of my go-to dorm recipes.
  • Pasta. Heating the water is probably the easiest part of pasta related dorm recipes; you can go about this in two ways.  You can either heat the water in small amounts and add it to the pasta until the pasta’s cooked, or you can heat the pasta and water together until the pasta is heated, going at minute intervals for each.  If you have a coffee pot, then you could also use that to heat the water, and it probably would be more effective. Then comes the fun part of this delicious dorm meal, straining. I have used a Britta filter for pasta dorm recipes, but if you have anything that has holes in it, such as Tupperware, that should work too. Add whatever else you’d like to, or have on hand (sauce, cheese, veggies) and enjoy!
  • Mini Pizzas.  Obviously, you’d need English muffins, or bagels, or some type of bread for the base of any pizza dorm recipes. Also, a sauce, but that can be obtained as easily as getting breadsticks with an extra side of sauce next time you’re out, or you could just bring a spoonful of your own.  You could also use any type of cheese you have on hand (about a handful, or more), and any other toppings you’d like and have available.  Assemble as you choose, using about a spoonful of sauce on each mini pizza, and half a handful of cheese. Then microwave for about 1.5 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly. Who doesn’t like a good pizza dorm recipes?
  • Quesadillas, nachos, and grilled cheese sandwiches. The same general concept applies as with the dorm recipes for pizzas. These are particularly nice because you can literally add anything you want to them, no excess shopping required.  They’re a flexible and enjoyable meal that you can make on a whim. All you definitely need for these dorm recipes is bread or chips, cheese, and a little bit of creativity.
  •  Popcorn (not the bagged kind). If you have kernels and a bowl that can keep them in control, butter and salt should be easy enough to come by for popcorn dorm recipes. And, in that case, once again you can be only limited by your own creativity (and resources). Just pop according to the directions, add a couple of butter packets and some salt. My roommate used to make dorm recipes like this for our movie nights, and it was a lot better than the kind we bought from the bag.

Have some dorm recipes of your own you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section below!

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Stefanie Hughes

Stefanie Hughes

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