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When you move away to college, you’re forced to step out of your comfort zone. Chances are you’ll be living with a complete stranger in a city you’ve never lived in. So while this adjustment might take a little getting used to and you might not feel at home right away, you should at least try to make your dorm feel like home.

There are a multitude of ways to decorate your dorm room from lighting to artwork. But one of the most — if not the — most essential element in decorating your dorm is your bed. In a sense, it’s kind of the focal point for decorating the rest of your dorm room.

While you may think shopping for dorm room bedding is rather easy, there are a bunch of elements to consider from comforters to blankets to sheets and pillows. The following are some ideas to consider.

Dorm Room Bedding ideas

No matter what type of bedding you plan on getting, it’s important to think of what colors you want in your dorm room. Also consider if you want a solid or a pattern. Whatever you choose, make sure you get something you can see yourself using for a long time in a color you like!

  • Comforter

You can’t go wrong with a good, plain ol’ comforter. Comforters can be found at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or a local department store.

If you’re like me, you might get tired of your bedding after a while and want to switch up the look of your room. If this is the case, choosing a solid color and decorating with pillows is probably your best option. I have a solid comforter that is reversible so just when I want a new look, I can just flip it over. Duvet covers are also something to look into if you like change.

  • Duvet

While both comforters and duvets are used to keep you warm, a duvet makes making a bed a little easier since it is just one piece that doesn’t necessarily require other linens. Duvets also tend to be more expensive than comforters since they don’t require the purchase of other linens. They are also often filled with down feathers. I would definitely recommend a duvet and a duvet cover — especially with down feathers — just because they’re so comfortable!

  • Duvet covers

Duvet covers are simply covers for a duvet or comforter. They are a good idea if you want the ability to change the look of your room more often. If you’re tired of one duvet cover, you can simply get a different cover to put over your duvet or comforter.

  • Blankets

Depending on where you live or how cold your house is, blankets are definitely a good investment. Blankets are meant to keep you from being cold, so find one that’s comfortable and warm! Or better yet, have a favorite quilt from home? Bring it with you to college! Not only will it add warmth to your bedding, but it’ll also bring a little piece of home with you.

  • Sheets

Just when you think you have your bedding all situated, there also various types of sheets such as cotton sheets, microfiber sheets and jersey sheets. This is ultimately a personal choice since each type is different.

Other Dorm Bedding Elements

  • Pillows 

While it’s obvious you’ll need your standard pillow or two, decorative pillows are also something to look into. Decorative pillows can help give your room some extra style and color.

  • Mattress cover

Chances are your freshman dorm comes furnished with a bed. And the likelihood of that bed being used by several students in years before you is very high. With that being said … get a mattress cover! Mattress covers are also good for protecting your mattress from spills and wear and tear.

  • Mattress pad

Not to be confused with mattress covers, mattress pads are used to provide extra padding for those not-so-comfortable dorm mattresses. If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as you would like it to be, look into purchasing a mattress pad for added comfort.

When you come back to your dorm after a long day of classes and midterms, make sure you have a comfortable bed to come back to for a good night’s rest. And it’s always nice to make it more your own with a decorative comforter, duvet or pillows!

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