Dorm Room Craft Ideas

College is fast-paced, full of work, responsibilities and independence. So much change in so little time.

I know I like to take a few moments here and there throughout the college semester to engage myself in a fun activity that reminds me of home and the days before the stress of college and growing up.

For those going into their first year of college, taking the time to do something fun and comforting is really helpful if you ever get homesick.

If you’re like me, and you love being creative, then arts and crafts is a perfect activity that I always find to be relaxing and fun! It is also a great way to add a personal touch to your dorm room decor!

This may seem very time-consuming and maybe boring if you’re not really the creative type, but I’m going to give you a list of quick and easy dorm room craft ideas that are perfect for school!

1.  Button Bookmarks (brought to you by

Have any extra buttons lying around? Has any fallen off that old sweater that you don’t even wear much anymore? This idea is really cute and resourceful!

Just take some colorful paperclips and any old buttons that you have and glue them together with hot glue or crazy glue! They make great little bookmarks that you can use for any text, personal reading or even your planner!

It’s suggested that you put a tiny piece of felt on the back where the clip connects to the button just so that it keeps it together.

To see all the directions go here!


2. Light Art (brought to you by

This is really cool. Using a small canvas, poke holes in it to make whatever design you want (in this case, this girl made the shape of the state of Illinois), and then pin small fairy lights to the back of it and the light will glow through!

So pretty. I suggest making bigger holes than these and maybe use a lighter color on the canvas, that way the light shows through much more!

More about this dorm room project can be seen here.


3. Tweak with Twine! (brought to you by

Here is a great way to decorate any boring desk item that you have like a pencil holder, your desk lamp, and even scissors! Or if you have any jars or want to use jars, like in the picture, then that’s good too!

Just using thin colorful string, or twine, and crazy glue, you can make really cool patterns and decorate your object! You can make them rainbow or just use your favorite colors. You can even choose just one color if you want! It will still look cool. For more info on these dorm room crafts, click here.


4. Pretty with Paint

A way to make wall art that’s really easy and so pretty! Just using the bottom of your leftover soda bottle, you can make a cute flower pattern on any surface with acrylic paint!

You don’t even have to make such a simple piece such as this. You can make dots or flowers patterns all over a boring cork board for your wall or even the cover of a blank notebook that you have! Use any color paint you want and any surface! It’s just a great way to make a design!


5. Paint Sample Banners

If you buy one of those decorative cut-out stamps and cheap paint samples you can use them to make really cool banners in your room! You don’t even have to have them all the same shape, you can cut them out individually if you want into any shape of your choosing. You could also just tape them or pin them to your wall in a cool design. Doesn’t even have to be a banner at all! It will look really cool regardless!

These are just a few dorm room crafts that are easy to do and quick to make for any day that you feel like reminding yourself of the simpler days before college or if you just want something fun to do on a rainy day!

All these ideas are great to do with friends, your roommate or even by yourself! Have fun with arts and crafts and hopefully these projects maybe gave you some craft ideas of your own!

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