Dorm Room Crafts: 7 Easy DIY Projects

In my last article, I gave you 7 different examples of dorm rooms that you hopefully found inspiring!

However, I’m sure there were quite a few examples where you loved a few things about them but not everything.

Those examples were mostly there to give you a better idea on how you will organize your space! The tiny details of decoration and dorm room crafts can be anything you want!

Decorating your room is a chance for your inner designer to come out! I gave you 7 examples of inspiration before, so I want to give you 7 more examples of dorm room crafts and decor ideas!

1. Getting Crafty With Cork

I, personally, have these exact same cork boards on the wall of my college bedroom and I honestly wish I thought of doing this my freshman year! With just a bit of acrylic paint you can make a really cool geometric design so that your cork can serve as an art piece and a place for putting photos and notes!

Don’t fill it up, though! You want to have people see your awesome design! I also suggest using white paint like you see in the photo; it really stands out against the brown!


2. Beautiful Banners

These pictures show 3 great examples of cute dorm  banners to put up on those bare white walls of your room! Now, just by coincidence, they all happen to be banners of hearts but you can make them to be anything you want!

The first picture is done by just cutting out cool shapes with paint sample cards! Really colorful and cute! You can cut a shape really easily by buying one of those different shaped hole punchers.

The second photo shows a really cool flag shape on what looks like book pages. Now you don’t want to destroy any beautiful novels but I’m sure the same look can be created by using old newspapers or just use cream colored paper! You can probably just make cute stencils and with glue pour glitter into them to make your shape!

With the third banner picture, just take brown paper, cute up large triangles and do the same, except you can just color in your shape with markers or paint.

All banners can be easily sewn or just make them big enough so that you can fold over the very tops, put a string through them all, and then glue down those folds to make them stay! Easy to do and really cute for college!

3. Frame Your Bling

This is a really great way to organize your jewelry. Nothing gets tangled or lost and adds something pretty and sparkly to your wall!

Just put a large piece of cork or some other kind of soft material behind a cute frame and hang it on the wall of your dorm room! Organize all your necklaces, earrings and bracelets on it and suddenly, your jewelry is your art! It looks way cuter than some small jewelry box or dusty drawer.

4. Not Flowers, But Still Floral

This picture is a great DIY project for an awesome dorm decoration idea! It’s a demonstration of how to make yourself a vase of ever-living flowers!

Okay, so they’re not real flowers but they look just as pretty! Just by using a foam ball and and any pastel colored cupcake tins, you can make a beautiful bouquet that will last all year round! It will definitely brighten up those snowy days at school!

5. TIY: Tape It Yourself!

What a cool idea! Create awesome designs around your dorm room just using tape! This could be a really fun project for you and your roommate(s) to do! You can make cool pictures such as a bird house (above), a faux fireplace, geometric designs or even write cool quotes!

For an extra tip I had some friends who decided to decorate their room with neon tape so that with a blue-light, their whole room would glow! It was very cool.

6. Good Logic, and Good Lookin’!

Usually, the average dorm room comes with these pieces of furniture: desks, chairs, beds, dressers/shelves.

With something like shelves, you and your roommate can get really creative by using one side of the book-case as a work area for one and the other side can be a place for your roommate to place a bulletin board for pictures or art.

With 2 small tables or if your desks are small enough, they can be work places for roommates! It’s a great way to create more space in the room and it looks so cute!

7. Faux Frames

Give all the art, magazine cutouts, family photos that you love a little flair by displaying them on your wall with frames made from just tape! Tape comes in all different colors and materials so it can brighten up any dorm room!

These 7 examples are only just a few of the many possibilities of for dorm room crafts! If you find that none of these examples appealed to you, then no worries!

I just hope they’ve at least served their purpose to create some kind of spark in your mind that will lead to tons of bright ideas for decoration!

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  • Carmen Bojanowski

    Carmen Bojanowski on February 4, 2013

    These are all such cool ideas, and cheap too! I especially love the banners. They can be hung all year round, but you can make special ones for holidays too. I actually might make a banner like the one you have on here with hearts to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the idea! :)

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