Dorm Room Necessities

Packing for college can get pretty stressful. Now, I’m not talking about which shirt to pack or what kind of soap to bring.

I’m talking about everything else going on that makes the packing process more stressful – such as thinking about your first days of classes, what friends you’re going to make, the time needed to say goodbye to your friends from home, coordinating with your roommate on who’s bringing the TV, remembering to make that last Dr. appointment before you leave, and the list goes on.

The last few weeks before school go by so quickly and packing for college takes a lot of time and thought. If your thoughts are focused on everything else, you might leave behind a few dorm essentials.

I’m sure you’ve probably looked at your packing list of what to bring to college so many times now that the words only appear as a great blur.

Serving as a friendly reminder, I’m going to list the dorm room necessities that you may have forgotten about, but I promise you that they’re just as necessary as your lucky pair of socks.

1. Plastic Bowls/Plates

Don’t lie, we all know that you’re going to be eating in your room and you’re going to need something to eat that food in. This also enables you to not always have to nag your roommate(s) or friends

Which brings me to…

2. Dishwashing Soap (Not dishwasher soap! There’s a difference!)

You’ll need this to clean your plastic bowls/plates!

3. Windex 

Everything gets dusty in the dorm room – and I mean everything. You’d think that living there would stop that from happening? Not a chance. Dust builds up and so does dirt… and it gets pretty gross after a while. Bring windex to help clean those windows, your desk, mirror and dresser.

4. Paper Towels

With your windex,  you need towels. Even without windex, you’ll still need paper towels. I use them all the time instead of plates or bowls if I don’t feel like cleaning anything. They’re also great for any kind of quick cleaning for the variety of messes I’m sure you’ll have in your dorm room.

5. Clorox Wipes

Dorms are full of germs and clorox wipes are the perfect way, besides flu shots, to avoid getting sick this semester. Wipe down the back of your computer, door handles, or even your muddy sneakers. If you’re a super germ-a-phobe, you can even bring them with you to those public dorm bathrooms.

6. Tissues

I think people take tissue for granted. I rarely have a stuffy nose but I find that I go through tissue boxes all the time! I use them to clean up small messes, wipe off makeup, and clean dust or dirt from those tiny spaces and cracks. They’re also needed for the occasional stuffy nose.

7. Batteries

You never know what kind of electronic object is gonna die all of a sudden in your room – whether it’s for the TV remote, the DVD remote, a flashlight, a CD player, a calculator, a book light, alarm clock or whatever random battery operated object you own.

Something will die unexpectedly one day and you won’t believe how lost you’ll be without the small but powerful ability of the battery. Or lets say something of your roommate’s electronic dies or another friend of yours? Don’t you want to be the amazing hero who just happens to have batteries on hand? I know you do!

8. Band-Aids

An accident can happen at any point and that may sound a little scary, but I just want to be honest! Even the smallest wounds, like a paper cut, can be the most painful and can get infected. It’s always good to have some kind of back-up plan and old-school band-aids, (as childish as they may seem), are always comforting and safe to fall back on.

There are tons of dorm room necessities and supplies that are good for any student to have. I just wanted to remind you of the few that are often forgotten, but are usually always needed!

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