Dreading The Dorms? Don’t Fret So Fast!

The thought of living in a 10×8 ft. room makes most incoming freshman apprehensive. The thought of potentially living with someone you have never met is concerning to most as well. But before you completely write off living in the dorms, let me offer you some reassurance.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 67% of freshman and 22% of seniors live on campus in dorms, or about 10 million college students total.

See, the people living on campus are actually the majority!

My Story

My freshman year in the dorms was a blast and one of the best learning experiences I’ve had so far during my time at Michigan State University.

Okay, I’ll admit I got lucky, but it wasn’t all roses either. It was simply a great combination of good and bad that made for a fun way to learn about college life.

I lived in an all-girl hall in my dorm complex where I met my first new friends at college. None of the girls in my hall knew each other or were rooming with old friends, which made for a great environment for meeting new people.

Within a couple weeks, eight of the girls on my floor and I were close and were able to hangout, go out, do homework together or just go to the cafeteria together. Yes, the dorms are close quarters, but thanks to that, my friends and I were constantly able to see each other, allowing us to build the relationships we still have today.

I have many friends I’ve met in college, but I met eight of my best friends in the dorms. So give them a chance, and realize that you could potentially meet some of the most important people in your life in the narrow halls of campus housing.

Now like I said, it’s not all roses. You could get stuck with a strict Resident Assistant, or have roommate trouble or just feel cramped in such a small room. But again, that depends on the individual, and the dorms aren’t all bad.

I live in an apartment now with one of my friends I met on my dorm floor. We love the freedom and relaxation of living on our own off campus, but I’ll be honest, there are those times when we find ourselves missing the dorms.

I know what you’re thinking, “miss the dorms?!” Yes, miss the dorms.

There are many enjoyable aspects about living in the dorms, but possibly the most enjoyable part was the sense of community the dorms provided for me. There is a reason freshman are required to live in dorms, you have easy access to meeting new people and seeing them regularly to build upon those relationships.

The dorms are the one-stop shop for food, study rooms, activities and friends. What’s not to love about that?

As much fun as I have living in an apartment, what I miss most about the dorms is how accessible my friends were to me.

MSU has an extremely large campus, so your boots better be made for walking if you plan on going almost anywhere. Let’s admit, college kids are a lazy breed, so when my friends don’t feel like walking across campus just to get to my apartment, it truly makes me miss the dorms when they were just down the hall.

So while the dorms may feel lame freshman year, remember it’s temporary, and the people you can meet make it all worth it. Don’t forget, most colleges let students move off campus after their first year, so if you can’t stand it, it’s only for a year.

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Madeline Fetchiet

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