30 Easy Universities To Get Into

Not everyone is an A-plus student and that is OK, it does not mean you cannot go to college. Many people who are average students in high school do exceptionally well in college.

In high school I was a B-student. When I got to college I became an A-student. I think it was because I had less distractions, a serious atmosphere to study in and I knew that my college transcripts were going to be viewed by potential employers, unlike my high school transcript.

With these things combined I was thinking more seriously about my school work. My mindset was that if I am paying this much for school, I better take advantage of everything I can, including getting all A’s.

For those student who do average in high school and do not have the highest ACT or SAT scores, do not fear, there are still easy universities to get into! Just remember, where there is a will there is a way. Even if it takes you longer to study, you can get good grades in college, it will be worth the time.

For any student applying to college, your worst fear is getting that letter that says, “We regret to inform you.” If you knew for certain that you had a chance of going to a college with a 100% acceptance rate, maybe you would rather have a stress-free senior year of high school knowing where you are going in the fall.

Some schools base themselves off of selectivity and that is not a bad thing, in fact, traditionally, higher education was only for the people who excelled in academics. Today, a degree is required for most jobs and there is no reason why anyone should be excluded from bettering themselves with a four-year degree. If you have motivation and the will to get a higher education then one of these schools could be the perfect fit for you.

According to The U.S. News & World Report, here are 30 easy universities to get into with the highest acceptance rates as of 2011. Whether you need a back up school or if one of these schools are your first choice, it’s nice to know you can count on going somewhere for your first year of college.

1. Academy of Art University – 100% acceptance

San Francisco, CA

2. American Public University System – 100% acceptance

Charles Town, WV

3. Baker College of Flint – 100% acceptance

Flint, MI

4. Boston Architectural College – 100% acceptance

Boston, MA

5. Chancellor University – 100% acceptance

Cleveland, OH

6. College of St. Thomas More – 100% acceptance

Fort Worth, TX

7. CUNY– College of Staten Island – 100% acceptance

Staten Island, NY

8. CUNY– Medgar Evers College – 100% acceptance

Brooklyn, NY

9. Daytona State College – 100% acceptance

Daytona Beach, FL

10. Fisk University – 100% acceptance

Nashville, TN

11. Goddard College– 100% acceptance

Plainfield, VT

12. Granite State College – 100% acceptance

Concord, NH

13. Missouri Western State University – 100% acceptance

St. Joseph, MO

14. Mountain State University – 100% acceptance

Beckley, WI

15. New Mexico Highlands University – 100% acceptance

Las Vegas, NM

16. Northwestern Oklahoma State University – 100% acceptance

Alva, OK

17. Northwest Florida State College – 100% acceptance

Niceville, FL

18. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design – 100% acceptance

Lakewood, CO

19. St. Catherine College – 100% acceptance

St. Catherine, KY

20. St. Paul’s College – 100% acceptance

Lawrenceville, VA

21. University of Maryland–University College – 100% acceptance

Adelphi, MD

22. University of Pikeville – 100% acceptance

Pikeville, KY

23. University of Texas–Brownsville – 100% acceptance

Brownsville, TX

24. Washburn University – 100% acceptance

Topeka, KS

25. Wayne State College – 100% acceptance

Wayne, NE

26. Weber State University – 100% acceptance

Ogden, UT

27. Western New Mexico University – 100% acceptance

Silver City, NM

28. University of Texas–El Paso – 99.8% acceptance

El Paso, TX

29. Cameron University – 99.6% acceptance

Lawton, OK

30. Herzing University – 99.6% acceptance

Madison, WI

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