Essential Tips for Overcoming Homesickness

There’s a lot to look forward to when you begin college. Finally, you’ll be out on your own, more independent than ever before. While you’ll have the chance to experience life like never before, there can be difficulties during the transition. It’s not always easy being away from home, but these tips will help make the transition as seamless as possible. Focus on forging new friendships and you’ll be sure to alleviate even the worst symptoms of homesickness.

Don’t Go Home

The first month of college is a critical period for finding friends, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Don’t fret if you don’t find a group you click with immediately. Patience is key. You may feel lonely at first and miss your old friends, but leaving will only make it harder to meet new people. Weekends offer a great opportunity to go on adventures that will create lasting friendships. This doesn’t mean ignore your parents or your high school friends. You can and should remain in contact through phone calls, email, and Facebook.

Keep Your Door Open

If your door is open, I can guarantee someone will want to come in. Keeping your door ajar encourages your neighbors to drop by and say hello. Put some music on too! It will help you find other students who share your tastes and make for a good a conversation topic. Remember, you’re not the only freshmen looking to make new friends. Just don’t blast Kanye West at 2 AM, or else the only attention you’ll be getting is from the RA.

Get Involved

Escape the confines of your tiny dorm room and find something that interests you. Be sure to check out school sponsored events, such as: live music nights, student government meetings, author readings, sports games, etc. Most colleges support a wide variety of groups and clubs too. From dodge ball to poetry, there’s sure to be something for you! And if there’s isn’t you can always start your own club. There’s no better way to find friends who share your passions or explore new activities than at a group meeting or event.

Utilize Your Roommate(s)

Don’t be afraid to ask your roommate about what he or she is up to! This may seem obvious, but sometimes shyness can prevent you from taking this step. Don’t worry about intruding! If they really don’t want company than a. they will tell you and b. you probably won’t be missing them anyways. Not only will going out with your roommate strengthen the relationship between you two, it also provides a chance to meet people you might not otherwise get to know.

The key to avoiding homesickness is to keep busy and try to meet as many people as possible. Keep in mind that everyone goes through homesickness to some extent, but if you remain open and friendly you’ll be bound to create relationships that will help you get through your anxiety. Who knows, maybe your future best friend will wander through your door? Don’t dwell on your old home, start creating a new one!

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Ryan Schapals

Ryan Schapals

Ryan Schapals is a senior at DePaul University studying Creative Writing and Psychology. Outside of class, Ryan can be found working in the Pysch Lab or at a local health clinic. When he's not distracted by cat videos, he tries to balance his time between playing guitar, writing prose, and running around the soccer field.