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Nowadays, colleges are becoming more lenient with college essay topics. A lot of colleges allow students to choose their own topics for their college admissions essay.

In the past, applicants typically had to choose from a list of topics. This didn’t leave room for much creativity. Now that students are allowed to be more creative, the college admissions essay has become even more challenging for some applicants.

In this post, I’ll share with you some unique example essay topics to help you get started with writing your college essay. As you read through these example essay topics, keep in mind that your essay is a reflection of who you are.

Below are some topics that you can choose from:

1. What Are Your Personal Values?

What things or people do you hold near and dear to your heart? What makes you unique and special? An example of these things or people could be the following:  friends or family, a special talent, your religion or faith, etc. Once you take an inventory of who you are and what you value the most, I’m sure you’ll have a list of ideas to choose from.

2. What Are You Passionate About?

Do you love to paint? Are you a great snow boarder? Do you love to cook? Are you a great athlete? Everyone is passionate about something. Take some time to brainstorm about your passions and consider writing about one of them for your college admissions essay.

3. Expose Yourself.

An essay that discusses how you overcame some personal struggle (i.e. parent’s divorce, personal or family illness, moving to a different state, etc.) always make fantastic college admissions essays. However, be careful not to sound like you’re complaining. Instead, the essay should focus on how you overcame the struggle, not  just the struggle itself.

The goal of “exposing yourself” is not to solicit sympathy. Instead, you want to demonstrate resilience. Most admissions officers get tired of reading the same recycled topics, so be original and write an essay that will make the admissions committee remember you.

4. You Can Be Controversial.

You don’t have to be afraid of controversy. The only two topics that you should probably stay away from is religion and politics; other than that, most other topics are fair game.  Using local or national news stories is a great way to come up with college essay topics that the admissions committee would likely be interested in.

Also, it’ll be a lot easier to write an essay on a controversial topic because more information will be available. Hot news topics have the ability to stir up a lot of emotions in readers. So if you’re looking for a good topic for your college entrance essays, try skimming the news for stories that are creating a buzz around the world or locally.

5. Be Entertaining.

College admissions committees read A LOT of boring college entrance essays, so make sure yours isn’t one of them! Add some personality to your essay. It’s okay to use a little humor (as long as it’s appropriate) to make your readers crack a smile. Or, if humor isn’t your style of writing, try using descriptive language to help paint a picture for your reader. You want to do whatever you can to keep your reader engaged.

I hope these 5 example essay topics inspire you when you sit down to write your college admissions essay. If you’re still having trouble, try brainstorming. To brainstorm, all you have to do is sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Just relax and let the ideas flow.

If you have more example essay topics that you would like to share with students, please leave them in comments section below! Happy writing…

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