Freshman 15 Returns? The #1 Way To Stay Fit Over The Holidays

Christmas lights are being strung up around town, family and friends are making their way into town and winter break is finally here. Wish lists are being written and Santa Claus is taking notes on what the good children want to see under their tree this year.

It is the hustle and bustle of this season in particular that makes me want to eat everything I see.Whether it be grandmas fudge, sweet treats brought into work, or a pie brought home by my roommate. It doesn’t matter what the food is, if it looks good, my eyes and stomach go gaga.

Try as I might have to eat clean and workout this past year, it’s awful to think that the month of December is all it takes for that effort to come to a screeching halt. Despite the fact that we are only a week or so into December, I have already seen my eating and exercising habits change for the worse. This needs to stop, now!

What is my solution?

After speaking to a few people, I have decided on juicing. It has been talked about for years and was introduced to the popular culture by the infamous Jack Lalanne. Dubbed the “godfather of fitness” and well known for his line, “That’s the power of the juice!” Lalanne brought juicing into the light.

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Tierna McWeeney

After much discussion over the powers of juicing, I decided to conduct some research to see if juicing could be my holiday savior. I asked a few Cal Poly students what they have heard about juicing, and I received some interesting replies.

Tierna McWeeney, a third year liberal studies major, said she first heard about juicing from the Jack Lalanne commercials but she has never tried it before.

“Currently, my average meal is fried foods. I think the last time I had fruits and veggies were over Thanksgiving. I would be interested in juicing so I could incorporate more fruits and veggies in my daily diet,” McWeeney said.

Bringing up healthy eating around the holidays is something that many people are thinking about, including myself.

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Katie Martin

Katie Martin, a third year business major, said that she recently watched a documentary entitled,  “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”

“It follows Joe Cross, an overweight, successful man from Australia, who decides to juice for 60 days. After the two months, he’s skinnier, healthier, and even no longer deals with bothersome skin issues. I’ve never tried it before, but I would really love to, due to the positive effects that I’ve seen and heard,” Martin said.

 Meet Lauryn Everts

Just as Martin said, juicing has some wonderful benefits. There is no one better than Lauryn Evarts to tell us about a few of them. Evarts is the writer and creator of blog and shared with me some of her thoughts on juicing.

Evarts first heard about juicing through one of her friends and became hooked. The first time she juiced was to give her body the cleanest foods possible and flush out everything else. While she mentioned that juicing takes a greedy chunk out of your paycheck, she also believes that your health is of the utmost importance.

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” said Evarts.

Evarts gave out some advice on how to not let the month of December get the best of your eating and workout habits.

“Drink lots of water, make working out everyday for an hour a priority, stay away from too much sugar, and eat low sodium foods,” said Evarts.

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Lauryn Evarts

Evarts said that people should juice because it makes you feel amazing. For Evarts, her hair and nails grow, her skin shines and her body feels clean.

Dishing out some tips for newbie juicers Evarts could not stress enough the importance of using organic fruits and vegetables, the fresher the better. She added that juicers can even add herbs.

Here are Evart’s top three tips for first time juicers:

  • 1. Use more veggies than fruit
  • 2. 12 ounces a day is perfect (too much juice is unnecessary)
  • 3. Use ORGANIC! You don’t want chemicals all over your food right?

Evarts also shared her favorite juicing recipe which can be seen here. It’s called the Sexy Green DragonTo try Evarts favorite three day juice cleanse, click here!

With this plethora of information, it’s time to see if juicing would be a right holiday fit for you. Chances are when you go home for the holidays, your household will have some sort of juicer. If not, there are businesses who will make juice for you. No, not Jamba Juice, check out juice bars in your area.

Next task is to get the ingredients. While Evarts provided a link to a three day juice cleanse, she did mention that it would be a bit pricey. Ask your parents to join you on your juicing adventure, maybe they will pick up the tab for your fruits and veggies if you ask nicely.

Here’s a toast to you and your juicing adventure!

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Kait Freeberg

Kait Freeberg

Kait Freeberg is a junior at Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in journalism. At school, Kait can be found interviewing people or hitting the gym. As the Colleges Against Cancer president, Kait helps to fight cancer and she educates her peers on the disease. Apart from school she works two jobs, enjoys traveling, and cooking for her roommates.