Fun Activities For College Students

Thinking about signing up for intramural softball? How about that ad for acapella group open auditions? Maybe you are more into outdoor adventure club, and there’s even a trip to Yellowstone coming up soon. Whatever you are interested in, don’t hesitate! Just do it! There are a ton of fun activities for college students out there.

College is the time to take risks. Do something you have never done before so now is the time to experience those fun activities for college students – go whitewater rafting, learn how to walk a tightrope, sign up for a gardening class. Love it. Hate it. No matter the outcome, at least you gave it a try. You don’t want to graduate college with regrets.

Even if you find that some fun activities for college students just aren’t for you, you can always leave it behind and try something new. Making mistakes is all part of the fun. You also learn more from personal experience than in any lecture hall you attend.

If you are a more reserved, introverted person (no negative connotations intended!), there are plenty of interesting opportunities available to you to that will make college life all its hyped up to be. Maybe you want to come out of your shell a little bit. Well believe me, there are numerous clubs, fun activities and programs that are more than happy to force that enthusiasm out of you. These social agendas can also help you meet new friends that share the same interests. If you have always wanted to try archery, sign up for an archery course. If you have an interest in badminton, sign up for an intramural team. You really can do no wrong with unique and fun activities for college students.

Perhaps you have already decided that the social hermit life is more your style. If you enjoy studying on Friday and Saturday nights, never pass up an opportunity to form a study group. People are always looking for help as they study for exams (especially for subjects like calculus and chemistry), and getting together with fellow classmates can boost your confidence for midterms and finals. It is also a great chance to make friends or just become familiar with your fellow undergrads. There is a strong possibility that you may see over and over again during your college career.

Another excellent opportunity to make the most of your college career and get involved in some fun activities for college students is to look and apply for studying and/or internships abroad. Studying abroad will not only support your knowledge of particular subjects, but it will immerse you in completely different cultures and give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience you cannot receive unless you are in college. College course credit is also given to you if you take classes in a foreign country. You can talk to a peer advisor at your campus student abroad center to learn more about places to go and which programs are offered during the year.

Applying for internships is also very important in college. I was fortunate enough to work at a children’s sports camp in Japan as a camp counselor, and it was the most amazing, unforgettable experience of my life. I would highly recommend looking for an internship outside of the United States to get a better perspective of differing world cultures, as it can help you with your future career.

Before you jump straight into a career out of college, you need hands-on experience in the field you are interested in. Experience with internships looks highly impressive on a resume, and it will greatly support your knowledge and skills in your area of study. Certain companies and programs (even your college campus) are always looking for new interns to help with their work or research, so be sure to look up available positions that can give you a head start on your potential career.

No matter what your interests are and no matter your personality type, there is always fun activities for college students. Even if you have the slightest curiosity for something, don’t hesitate! Sign up, join, apply, etc. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

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Megan Heneghan

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