Girl Dorm Room Ideas

You’d think that decorating your small dorm room could be hard given the space you’re working with, but it’s actually pretty easy (and fun) — especially if you’re a girl!

The following are some girl dorm room ideas for decorating your personal space.


Bedding is essentially the most important element in styling your dorm room. It’s a huge piece of your room — it’s the focal point that everything else should center around and match. When it comes to bedding, there are two main forms of comforters: solids and patterns.

  • Solids

Solids are easy if you eventually plan on changing the color or style of your room. In swapping your pillows and other small, key elements of your room — but keeping your solid comforter — you can really change up the look and feel of your room.

I currently have a solid comforter on my bed and I love it. It’s also reversible so when I feel like a change, I’ll flip it over and voila! A new color.

  • Patterns

Patterns can be a lot of fun. You can go with stripes, a floral pattern or your classic polka dots. If I didn’t have a solid comforter, I’d definitely go with bold stripes.

No matter which you choose, you also have the hefty decision of a duvet cover, a regular comforter or my favorite — a down comforter. And don’t forget the pillows!


Other cute girl dorm room ideas are centered on cork boards. Depending on your dorm room, you may or may not have much to work with when it comes to your walls. My freshman apartment was great for hanging up pictures and cork boards but I had friends in red, brick dorms that made it a little trickier to hang up wall decorations.

I’m a big fan of cork boards so I suggest working them into your room in any way possible. Use push pins to hang up photos, old concert tickets, notes — whatever you like! Hanging up cork boards helps personalize your room.

I also love the dorm room idea of hanging twine by push pins and hanging pictures on the twine with the use of clothespins. Not only is it so cute, but it’s also really affordable and easy to do!


When it comes to flooring, one of the best girl dorm room ideas is definitely a rug. This is an easy way to give your room a splash of color.

A rug can  bring your entire room together. Search places such as Target, Pottery Barn, or Bed Bath & Beyond for stylish rugs.


Organization is key — especially when it comes to decorating a girl’s dorm room. The average girl tends to have a plethora of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Dorm rooms can be rather small, so make sure to utilize as much space as you can! If you have a closet, great! Stock up on hangers. Also be sure to pick up storage bins to put on the bottom of your closet or even under your bed.

Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to shop for girl dorm room ideas. Not only can you find great pillows and bedding, but you’ll be able to find some ideas for organizing your small space.

Have a lot of jewelry? Look for a jewelry organizer! When I was younger I had a long jewelry organizer with pockets and a hook that I could hang in my closet. If you have a lot of jewelry, this is definitely something to consider.

Have a lot of shoes? There are also a bunch of ideas when it comes to organizing your shoes. Flats, wedges, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals … shoe storage will definitely come in handy.

Other girl dorm room ideas

  • Other great ideas to look into are the various ways to display photographs. While picture frames are pretty easy, get creative!
  • Have little trinkets from past adventures? Bring them with you to college and find a place for them whether it be on your desk or shelf!
  • Speaking of shelves, if you’re a bookworm like I am, invest in a bookshelf! Not only can they be used for storing your favorite classics, but you can also put a picture frame or souvenir on display.

While it can be easy to think decorating and coming up with girl dorm room ideas can be tedious in trying to maximize your space, don’t fret. Giving your room some personality can be fun!

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