Giving Back: 6 Reasons to Join a Service Organization

Service organizations in college are organizations that focus on volunteering in order to aid the community both on and off campus.

These service organizations are often centered on specific issues, such as women’s rights or awareness for mental illness. For example, a service organization on campus that focuses on women’s rights may weekly volunteer at a shelter for battered women.

I am involved in a service organization on my campus that focuses on strengthening the bonds between women on campus as well as in the greater community off campus. One aspect of our organization’s volunteering is a mentoring program that we created for young girls in the 7th through 9th grade at a neighboring school. We meet with the girls every Friday to discuss issues they face as young women, such as relationships, self-esteem and academics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the United States Department of Labor, individuals ages 16 to 19 had a volunteer rate of 27.4 percent, while volunteer rates were the lowest for individuals ages 20 to 24 at 18.9 percent. These statistics are as of the year ending September 2012 . These are the ages for many students in college.

The above statistics can and should be much higher than they are. Giving to those in need is essential to living together in peace and harmony on Earth (the hippie in me can’t help it!). There are many reasons to join a service organization on your college campus. Below are a few reasons why a service organization could benefit you and, in turn, you could prove beneficial to the organization.

Sharing is Caring

The world is filled with individuals who are less fortunate than others. Many people do not have the opportunities or the means to attend college and further their education. It is a great privilege to be able to attend college so why not use what you have learned to give what you can. Being a part of a service organization on campus gives you the opportunity to serve your community. Even if you can only spare a little of your time, sharing is always caring.


Service organizations bring together students who have a common goal of giving. Volunteering with like minded individuals promotes unity among each other as well as a bond that could last for the rest of your life. The service organization that I am involved in is centered on aiding women. This has brought together many students eager to promote women empowerment, both female and male. This unity is a beautiful thing that shows how helping others can bring people together no matter what.


Making your resume longer and stronger should in no way be the sole driving force for why you decide to join a service organization. But it is no secret that volunteering and organizations look good on a resume, so bringing the two together can strengthen it.

Strengthens Skills

Volunteering often involves being able to work in a group as well as individually. You will also have to be able to interact with other people from different backgrounds. Volunteering can strengthen these skills, which will benefit you when you enter the work force. Being able to productively work with others as well as alone is an essential skill that many employers look for. Joining a service organization on campus can lead you to volunteer opportunities that can and will strengthen your ability to work with people from backgrounds different than your own. These skills will be valuable when you begin your career after college.

Make Friends

As stated previously in regards to unity, joining organizations on campus is a great way to meet new people. It is also a great way to make friends and establish friendships that could last forever.  Joining a service organization would allow you to make friends with individuals with common interests that want to give as much as you do.


What better way to learn about a specific issue than to join an organization that will teach you all about it and put you directly in the field to do what you can to solve it? Being a part of a service organization allows you the opportunity to learn more regarding what you are passionate about. I have learned a great deal by interacting with the individuals I volunteer with through my service organization. Volunteering allows you to come face to face with the issue and see it firsthand. You are presented with the valuable opportunity to give what you can.

While joining a service organization is not the only way to volunteer in college, it is a great way to do so. It is also a priceless experience. Being able to volunteer with your fellow students brings you all closer together.  It is our duty not just as college students but as human beings to give all that we can to those in need and to help those who require help. Joining a service organization on your college campus is a great way to do just that.

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