Go Greek?

So you are thinking about joining a fraternity or a sorority?  I’m sure you’ve talked to many people about it and heard the good and the bad.  Going Greek is not for everyone, it is time consuming and it is a huge financial commitment.  Before you make that choice, you should learn all you can about the groups and Greek life in general so that you can make the best possible choice and end up in the right group for you.  For those still debating, read on for reasons why you should go Greek.


Joining a sorority or a fraternity instantly connects you to a lot of alumni and older students who may be working in the same field you plan to one day.  Using connections can be very helpful especially when it comes time to start looking for internships or jobs.  People always want to help out people they know or know of and having that sorority or fraternity in common really helps.

Best Friends

People aren’t kidding when they say you meet your best friends by going Greek in college.  Realistically, you are spending more time with these people than anyone else.  You know that you fit in with them because during the recruitment process, you bonded with someone, connected with them and they could see you in their group.  Usually you will end up in the group that is most similar to you.  Also, being around such a large group of people, you are bound to have at least one other person with your major, making a great study buddy and class mate.  This group of people is there throughout college.  They are there to help you when times get tough and they are there during some of the best times of your life.


One good aspect of sorority and fraternity life is that most are required to do community service hours and philanthropic work.  This not only makes you feel good by helping others but also helps add to your resume.  Through a sorority or fraternity, you are able to help raise money and provide for less fortunate people or animals on a much larger scale than if you were to volunteer alone.


Being around super involved people will help motivate you to be more involved.  Joining my sorority and seeing all the girls that wanted to hold positions and be involved with other organizations helped inspire me to run for positions and become more involved as well.  There are also a lot more opportunities to get involved through Greek groups because there are so many positions and you can start small then work your way up.

Going Greek may not be for everyone but if you are debating, I urge you to at least give it a try.  While joining a sorority or fraternity may be time consuming and somewhat costly, it can also help make college the best four years of your life, provide you with lifelong friends and teach you lessons you can’t learn in the classroom.

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Laura Szatkowski

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