Good Jobs for College Students

So you’ve decided to juggle both a college academic schedule as well as a part time job?

First off I commend you for taking on a heavier workload than many other people your age. Second as a college student who has always held a part time job I have a few tips for you, and some suggestions on the best jobs for college students.

Remember that while having a job during college is a great choice, your academics should always be your first priority. 23% of full time undergraduates work 20 hours or more a week. That means 77% of students are keeping in mind that academics come first.

Be upfront with your employer that you are a student first. Majority of managers will understand this and will be open to schedule around your classes. And if they aren’t I can assure you that you will find one somewhere else that will.

Don’t ever skip class for work. 

You may be making more money, but money really isn’t everything thing. And you may miss out on some important materials during class.

Don’t just consider the actual time you’re in class when considering work availability.

You need to leave yourself time for homework outside of class time. Also consider down time you’ll want to spend with friends. It’s important to save time for social activities especially as a freshman.

Now that you know some tips to keep in mind as a student worker, check out this list of some of the best jobs to have while in college.

On-Campus Jobs 

Many students opt to stay on campus for part time work. This is a great option, especially if you’re only looking for a very part-time job. Employers are very understanding of your schedule and it gives you another connection to your university.

Some great on-campus jobs can be found below.

  • Library Worker

What a better place to work than where you study? As soon as you’re off work you can hit the books! Plus it’s a fairly laid back job. Not a lot of stress is exactly what you want in a job.

  • Tour Guide

Giving campus tours is a great way to get to know your campus. Now that you’ve found a college that you love why not get paid to draw in other prospective freshmen? And even better you’re not stuck behind a desk all day long!

  • Tutor

Have a subject that you’re a master of? Why not help others by becoming a tutor? Almost every department at Universities have some sort of a tutoring program. Whether it’s a formal position with desk hours, or more of a need based position tutoring is a very simple and rewarding way to make a few extra dollars.

  • Tech-Support

Know a lot about computers? Studying Computer Science? Why not use your knowledge to help the other students who are less computer savvy? Because trust me, there are definitely students who don’t know much about computers.

And in this day and age a working computer is vital to a college education. Working for tech-support is a guaranteed job if you know what you’re doing.

  • Off- Campus Jobs 

Off-campus jobs offer a little more variety and potentially more hours. If you’re looking for a little bit more of a steady income off-campus may be the better option for you.

  • Babysitting

Okay, so babysitting may not be the most steady of an income, but it can be great if you don’t have time during your day for work. Establishing a good relationship with a family can lead to regular babysitting hours. Or if you do have a lot of open days maybe you can snag a nannying job on certain days of the week for more money.

  • Serving/ Barista

Sometimes the most typical job can be the best job. It seems like everyone has been a server or barista at some point in his or her life, and there is a reason for that. Serving/Barista jobs are easy to do and yield big results. Not only do you receive an hourly pay rate, you also make tips.

Tips can be the best godsend when you’re trying to save some money. They allow you to save majority of your paycheck by only spending tips.

While there are many more jobs out there, these few seem to be the tried and true best jobs for college kids. Remember that your job is not the most important part of your life while you’re in college, college is!

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