Goodbye, Mom & Dad…Hello Dallas!

Your acceptance letter finally arrives — to your relief, you’ll be spending your college years in the Lone Star state. Dallas is the obvious choice: it’s near your school, populous and home to many cultural attractions and entertaining places. Now to make the big move out of your parents’ house and into Big D.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis is the largest urban area in the Southern U.S., so if you don’t want to be stranded at home on weekends, having a car is a must. Owning a set of wheels will help you navigate “Big D” and allow you to explore its unique features — which are spread-out through the city. Perhaps, you’re part of a Toyota family and want to continue the tradition; a used Toyota in Arlington located just a few miles southwest of Dallas or, may be the way to go. If you prefer another brand of car, the city has an array of dealerships with the type you’re looking for. A car will grant the freedom you desire during your college journey.

Movin’ Out

Throughout the years, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated many toys, clothes and assorted junk — most of which you’ve outgrown. Get rid of all superfluous items and only take necessary items. Check eBay to see if you can make any cash on unwanted items. Some thrift stores will pay for the clothes that no longer suit your style. Collect as much money as possible to assist your meager income while attending college.

If there’s extra space in the moving truck, ask your parents to take unwanted or used furniture, kitchen supplies and other necessary objects to populate your new apartment or student housing. If not, Dallas second-hand stores (or Craigslist) should provide a plethora of furniture and household necessities.

Moving Companies

Scan the gamut of websites for moving companies and reasonable quotes. Ensure they are reliable, efficient and easy on the wallet — a host of sites provide helpful reviews on moving company services. Read the relocation policy carefully and inquire about any benefits. Ask for the shipment registration number so you can check the progress of your valuables as it makes its trek to Dallas. Use that built-up equity you have and enlist the free help of family and friends.

Dallas Colleges

There are a multitude of colleges in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding areas. If you’re having second thoughts about your major or want to switch schools altogether, consider these other colleges:

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas – UT Southwestern Medical Center’s faculty are responsible for groundbreaking advances in biomedical research. The Medical Scientist Training Program prepares students for promising careers in medicine and biomedical research.

Art Institute of Dallas – The Art Institute of Dallas is a design, arts, fashion, media and culinary post-secondary school offering a selection of degree programs. Many instructors work in the field that they teach; students will gain invaluable insight into the artistic industry of their choosing.

University of North Texas – UNT is one of the nation’s largest public universities and provides education to its 36,000 students. Instructors offer rea-world experience in the fields of business, education, law and much more.

Have Fun in Dallas

College isn’t all about homework and studying. Take the opportunity to explore the unique offerings of Dallas and join like-minded college students in making the most out of your time.

Trolley Tour – The M-Line offers a free vintage trolley ride in the vibrant Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. Catch a trolley any of the year’s 365 days.

Good Records – This local indie music store hosts in-store concerts for the community to enjoy. Browse their eclectic selection of vinyl records, box sets and CDs.

Yoga – You’ll want to relax and reduce stress after final exams. Karmany is a donation-based yoga studio that subsists only on donations. Dirt Cheap Yoga and Sunstone are two alternatives for inexpensive yoga classes.

Dallas Skyline – Travel 500 feet from the ground in the Reunion Tower or “Big Ball” to catch a stunning view of the Dallas skyline. Enjoy drinks and cuisine in the tower’s elevated restaurant while peering out over the city.

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