Handling Long Distance Relationships in College

Relationships and timing seem to have a real problem with each other.  If you find yourself in a great relationships before you leave for college don’t worry, the end isn’t necessarily in sight.

While long distance relationships can be a struggle, they can also be worth it. Following these tips will help you to avoid the dreaded long distance problems.

First decide if long distance will really work for you. If you can’t stand the thought of being apart for more than a few days, going months may not be the best choice.

And keep in mind that if you do decide that long distance isn’t for you, it doesn’t have to mean that you cut all ties and forms of friendship with your significant other.

But if you do decide long distance is for you, remember to go into it with an open mind.

College is a great time to meet people. You will make friends in this time that will more than likely stay a part of your inner circle for the rest of your life.

Don’t let a significant other limit the people you meet.

Often times in long distance relationships jealousy rears its ugly head at full force. Jealousy can lead to feeling threatened by the new people you are meeting for your significant other and that opens a whole can of problems.

Don’t become a hermit.

So often people in long distance relationships opt for staying in on the weekend instead of going out with their new friends. Many times it’s simply because it feels strange to go out and make memories without your significant other.

You will miss out on so much fun if you stay in all the time.  Don’t stay in just because you aren’t single.

Set aside time to communicate 

This one is especially important if you are in different time zones.

It can be exhausting to feel the need to text someone all day everyday. Avoid this by only communicating on designated days.

Pick a time once or twice a week that you want to set aside for whatever means of communication that you prefer: skype, phone call, texting. Use this time for your major means of communication.

Of course if you decide you want to send a quick text or have a short conversation at other points in the week there is nothing wrong with that.

But just keep in mind that constantly texting each other will make your skype dates much less exciting and interesting.

Pursue your own interests

This is sound advice for any relationship not just long distance. Never let yourself become the same person that you are dating. It is so easy to morph into this sort of singular persona when you’ve been with someone for a while.

This will only cause problems down the line. Inevitably you are going to develop singular interests and you should support each other to pursue those interests.

Relationships only can work when both people are happy themselves.

Keep mementos of your relationship

Long distance won’t be easy and there will certainly be some days that are harder than others.

On those especially hard days sometimes something as simple as a photo or card will do the trick. It can turn the frown upside down.

Make sure you post keepsakes of your relationship up around your room to remind you of the best times in your relationship.

Be honest and open

As straightforward and easy as it sounds, sometimes in long distance relationships people find it easier to stretch the truth.

Whether this is as simple as a little white lie, or a big messy lie, avoid truth stretching at all costs. In the end everyone will end up hurt.

Long Distance relationships are very tricky. Especially when you have all of the new changes in your life that come with college.

If you choose to remain in a long distance relationship remember to stay open as a person, you’re in college to grow. And don’t forget to be honest with each other, which will keep the relationship happy and healthy.

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