Helping Your Child Get Accepted To Their Dream College

1. Love At First Sight – Yes, there is such a thing as “love at first sight” when it comes to the college selection process. If you’re a parent with a college-bound high school student, you’ll likely be visiting a lot of college campuses in the near future. Pay close attention to your child’s reaction when they first step foot on campus.

First impressions can be important in the college decision-making process. If your child’s first reaction is one of excitement and they say things like, “I can really see myself here!” then you’ll know that this college could potentially be a good fit. On the other hand, if your child’s first reaction is one of apprehensiveness, then you know that you guys should probably keep searching.

2. It’s NOT About You! – The first thing that every parent who has a child heading off to college soon must remember is that it’s NOT about you! I don’t care if you are a Duke alumni and it’d be great if your child went to blah blah school… because none of that matters! The sooner you realize that this process is not about you, the more help you’ll be to your future college student. Once you get this crazy thought out of your head, then you’ll be able to focus more on their desires. And your child will most likely notice this change in your behavior also.

3. Ask Probing Questions – You know your child the best. If they seem really hung up on a few colleges, you can help them identify the pro’s and con’s and ultimately lead them to making the best decision for them. If you ask probing questions, the pro’s and con’s will likely be brought to light on their own.

Examples of probing questions would be: What do you like best about X school? What makes you feel at home about Y school? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of attending Z school? This will get your child to start thinking about what he or she likes or dislikes about each college.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to help your child get accepted into his or her dream college.

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