High School Study Abroad Programs

Why wait till college to study abroad when you can take advantage of an amazing experience in high school. If you are under 18 years old it is imperative to get your parent / guardian to approve of your decision to travel abroad.

There are different time periods you can choose travel. You can become a exchange student or travel abroad for the summer to volunteer or travel with a group. Many programs offer a onsite resident staff for short term students, safety, security and the well-being of yourself is important to consider when choosing a country.

Countries that are going through political issues are better to stay away from. It is also important to consider how “poor” the country you are going to is. If the country you are going to has a lower living standard you should avoid bringing expensive clothing and flashing your electronics in public. With countries that are have accustomed to western culture are less to worry about crime, however, it is important to still know your surroundings.

Choosing a one of the best high school study abroad programs can be a hassle because you want to make sure you are choosing a program that safe, can offer insurance, includes a package and other requirements that fit your specific needs. Below are the most popular study abroad programs for high school students.

1. LPI

LPI offers high school study abroad and volunteer programs for college students. It was established in 1989 in Austin, Texas. LPI offers scholarships and programs range from $3,500 to $5,400 for the summer. Countries include: China, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Peru and Spain.

2. GoAbroad.com

The staff at GoAbroad.com is made up of international education professionals, and leading design and programming specialists. This site makes it extremely easy to figure out the costs and details of your trip. GoAbroad.com offers a currency converter, scholarships, loans, international cell phones and insurance.  GoAbroad.com offers and array of countries to choose to go abroad to with choice of duration you want to spend in that country.

3. Greenheart Travel

Greenheart maintains a close relationship with their partners abroad, conducting site visits to their individual projects and making it priority to have close communication with their participants before, during and after their programs. Greenheart offers Teen Summer Programs as well as high school study abroad. What makes Greenheart different is that they are committed to the environment. As the leading eco-friendly exchange organization, Greenheart’s concern for the welfare of the planet drives its passion for helping responsible travelers satisfy their thirst for adventure while respecting the environment and unique cultural heritage of the destinations they explore.

4. Ciee High School Abroad

Ciee programs include: Australia, Brazil, Chile China, France. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Spain. This website is helpful because it offers a special parents section for your parents to see the benefits and to talk to other Ciee parents. Mostly, Ciee offers programs targeted for students looking to spend a semester to a year abroad where the student would live with a host family.

5. AFS International Programs USA

AFS’s program not only offers for high school students to go abroad with different program choices but also they offer families to host an exchange student. Their programs are offered in many countries in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Programs for one semester range from $12,000 to $15,000 depending on the country.

6. SYA

Offering a specific program for high school students in volunteering, summer and full-year. SYA offers a summer language institute and scholarships. There programs include: China, France, Italy and Spain. SYA has enrolled nearly 7,000 students from small towns to big cities from all different backgrounds. Over the years, SYA students have managed to get involved with activities as varied as fencing, fashion design, horseback riding, tennis, teaching English to elementary school students and seniors, and interning at CNN.

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