Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors

It is a challenging job market and for students who are concerned with finding jobs after graduation it is important to know you will have enough money to support yourself (and be able to pay off those student loans).

However, you have control of your future and if you want to make great money right out of college maybe some of these careers will be of interest to you.

Majoring in math and science focused subjects is likely to get college graduates higher-paying jobs compared to other majors, according to a recent study by Yale University Economics professors for the National Bureau of Economic Research.

After examining data from the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the report finds that economics, engineering and accounting provide graduates with some of the highest average wages.

If making “the big bucks” right out of college is your goal, check out the list below to see if one of these career fields is your forte.

Here are the 10 highest paying majors according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE):

10. Information Science Systems:

Average starting salary: $56,100

Job Description: If you enjoy math, science and business, this may be the career field for you. In information science systems you have to conduct logical analyses of business, scientific, engineering an other technical problems. Formulating mathematical models for solutions, designing computers and the software that runs them is also apart of the job.

9. Construction Science / Management

Average starting salary: $56,600

Job description: Managing the construction building process, skilled trades, technologists and crafts people on the job. Being well versed in architecture, engineering and business will help you succeed in this career field.

8. Finance

Average starting salary: $57,300

Job description: Going into finance will require a lot of accounting classes so it is important to understand and enjoy mathematics. Working in financial management will require you to direct budgets, plan audits, file tax returns, and direct financial analysis and account procedures.

7. Civil Engineering:

Average starting salary: $57,600

Job description: A civil engineer will plan and supervise construction of  buildings, highways and power supplies.  Projects can be new designs or replacements of previous structures. Civil engineering specialties can include construction, environmental, structural and transportation.

6. Electric / Electronics and Communications Engineering

Average starting salary: $62,300

Job description: An Electronics engineer studies design and performs testing of electronic circuits. Electronics engineers create, develop, install maintain and troubleshoot electronic systems and equipment. They are the ones usually operating and maintaining intricate systems like television transmissions and equipments. They are used in a wide variety of the fields including, defense, aerospace, commercial electronics, medical technology and telecommunications.

5. Mechanical Engineering

Average starting salary: $62,900

Job description: Going into this career field will be heavily focused on math and physics principles to help with the design of a product with a particular function. Concepts you will study in school and perform on the job will be friction, inertia, center of balance and force. Mechanical engineers can be found working in robotics and automotive engines as well.

4. Aerospace / Aeronautics / Aeronautical Engineering

Average starting salary: $64,000

Job description: Aeronautical engineers deal with the manufacture, development and maintenance of technology relating to aircraft (planes, jets and anything capable of flight). Engineers use technical skills to improve flight safety, reduce costs and address the environmental impact of air travel. Some responsibilities include: the ability to design; working with budgets and timescales; testing; evaluating; modifying and retesting products; and writing reports.

3. Computer Science

Average starting salary: $64,400

Job description: Computer scientists often work as part of a research team with computer programmers, information technology professionals and mechanical or electrical engineers. Their research is used to design new computer technology. They typically research topics like artificial intelligence, robotics or virtual reality. If you enjoy computer programming this might be the degree for you. If you are excel in this profession your research can lead to the improved performance of existing computer systems and software.

2. Chemical Engineering

Average starting salary: $64,400

Job description: If there is one thing that many of us struggle with it would be chemistry. However, there are some lucky people who love it! If you are one of those people this might be a great field for you to go into. Chemical engineering is a highly integrated engineering degree, and  is a blend of subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. Chemical engineers design chemical processes in industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals, green-technology  and materials research which are used in everyday life.

1. Computer Engineering

Average starting salary: $70,400

Job description: Ever been interested in designing a video game? Or maybe you are good at designing computer programs in general. A Computer Engineer helps in the development of new computer games, business applications and  the design of entirely new operating systems. Not only can you create new systems but a computer engineer can also manage an organization’s computer system. In other words, if you enjoy working in teams, tend to be a leader and LOVE computers this is the major for you! Not to mention it is the number one paying job in America.

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