How College Freshmen Can Avoid Christmas Break Boredom

It happens to every new college student…

By the end of your first semester, you are well adjusted to campus life and the fact that there is ALWAYS something insanely fun to be done on campus.

Dorm life allows you to live a few doors down from your new best friends, thus the word, “bored,” has been obliterated from your vocabulary.

Now you’re home, and to get to any of your friends, you have to drive (which you may have forgotten how to do!)

Here are some things to keep in mind when you hit that boredom block.

Christmas Break: the Best Part of College?

In high school, the days of break flew right on by and before you knew it you were back in your  same old routine, forgetting you ever had a week or two off to get caught up on sleep and spend what you felt was way too much time with the family.

Many of you are looking or remember looking a year in advance, awe-struck over the fact that next year at this time, you’d be smack in the middle of a month-long break from all things academic.

Think Again

If you’re anything like me, however, you will find or are finding that this four-week hiatus from reality is way too peaceful.

Sure, I’ve spent the past week sleeping more than a newborn and detoxing from dorm food with mom’s home cooking, but eventually my body hit a point in which it is rejecting sleep, just as I remembered the promise I had made myself to get rid of the freshmen fifteen that accumulated during finals week.

Below are 2 common issues all of my college friends seem to be dealing with right now, with my suggestions on how to turn your bland break into something you’ll take note of when planning for next year!

The Problem: You’re broke and your parents are on your back about changing that over break.

The Solution: Use your resources!

So you come home from break with eight cents in your bank account (trust me, it happens!) and your parents aren’t feeling too sympathetic when you want to meet a group of high school friends for pizza, but have no money.  

  • Chances are, you had a summer job.  A few weeks before Christmas break, give your boss a call and let them know you’ll be in town if they need any extra help over the holidays.
  • Ladies, send a mass text to the parents you use to babysit for, letting them know you’ll be around and available for the next month.
  • Also, remember that many businesses are looking for extra help during the holidays, so contact them over Thanksgiving break about giving them a hand over Christmas.
  • Finally, use this extra time to do some research on the best place to sell your old textbooks to.  Those dollars can quickly add up!  (try,, or see if your school has a textbook exchange program.)

The Problem: You’re bored out of your mind and wondering how you lived here through high school.

The Solution: Suck it up and enjoy the calm before the storm!

You’ve exhausted the couch, and there’s nothing left to do but unpack.  

  • Prepare for next semester by buying/selling your textbooks.
  • Be productive!  Scholarship applications due in the spring semester become available around this time of year.  Start writing your essays!
  • Don’t forget to visit old friends, enjoy every minute with your family, and if your college friends are close enough, take the train to visit them for a day or two for a breath of fresh air.
  • Of course, it’s a little unhealthy to let yourself reach that point of boredom.  View Christmas break as the calm before the storm.  Rest up, watch your favorite movies, and spend some days being reunited with the couch before these opportunities are stolen from you again!
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Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor is a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in Spanish. She comes from a small farm town of 1,000 in West-Central Illinois, making the transition to a large campus challenging. At school Kaitlyn is involved with the University’s Women Glee Choir, and also sings in her Church choir and is involved with her residence hall’s Resident Board. She enjoys writing, biking, and volunteering.
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