How I Used College To Explore What I Really Love

I’ve always had a complicated relationship to music.

I quit guitar lessons after two months because I could never manage to tune my guitar; every time I tried I ended up in angry tears, hurling my tuner across the room in defeat. As a choir student in high school I was advised (very publicly) by our music teacher to “just mouth the words” during concerts due to my offensively bad vocal skills.

I’m tone deaf, can’t clap on beat, and have generally zero musical talent. Yet despite my musical failings music has always played a huge role in my life. Sometimes I wonder if my love of music is nothing more than my own jealous desire to possess a skill that I will probably never have, but I can’t deny that some of my greatest memories and experiences are deeply linked to music.

This is especially true in regards to my life in college. As a freshman I created, programmed, and DJ’ed a weekly show at my college radio station called Te Quiero Ver Bailar, where I played only alternative and independent music from Latin America and Spain.

My show was every Saturday from 2-4 AM in the morning. While I’m pretty sure only two people ever tuned in to my show, one of which was my boyfriend and the other of which was my mother, it was one of the best college experiences I’ve ever had. I loved agonizing for days over creating the perfect playlists, scouring the internet for great new music to play, and hanging out with my friends at the radio station.

My experience with college radio wasn’t my only great college memory centered on music. I met some of my closest friends bonding over our similar music tastes, and I stayed in touch with my high school friends by sending music back and forth. I’ve spent a number of weekends during the school year going to different shows with friends.

What’s the point of this story?

What I’ve learned from all of this is that college is a great time to explore what you love and it doesn’t necessarily have to be academic.

Do you write Buffy the Vampire fan fiction? Have you always wanted to learn how to play water polo? Now is your time to explore all of these things. One of the best things about college is that it offers you opportunities to explore your interests and meet people who share the same passions.

Remember that college offers great opportunities outside of the classroom, all have to do is take advantage of your opportunities and seek out ways to try out the things you’ve always wanted to. Chances are that this way you will be able to meet a lot of people who are interested in the same things you are.

Take advantage of your time in school because it will go by extremely fast. Jump at all the opportunities that come your way and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

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Brianna Low

Brianna Low

Brianna Low is a rising senior at DePaul University pursuing a double major in English and Spanish. Brianna enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. She currently works for DePaul's Art Department as a receptionist and hopes to one day work in a library. Brianna is happiest when surrounded by books.
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