How Long Does It Take To Get Accepted Into College

How long does it take to get accepted into college?

Well, it really depends on the college that you are applying to and their specific admissions options.  Do they accept students on a rolling admission basis or do they have traditional application deadlines?  Do they offer “early decision”?

What does “rolling admission” mean?

The term “rolling admission” means that students are admitted on a continuous basis within a large window.  The window is usually over 6 months long and closes when the spots for each program get filled.  Schools that have these types of programs usually get back to their applicants within a few weeks after they have reviewed their information.  Therefore, in these cases, getting accepted into college will not take long at all.

What are the traditional application deadlines?

Most schools that have specific application deadlines require you to submit your application sometime between January 1st and February 15th.  Generally, you will receive a response from the college or university by March or early April.  The response will typically come in letter format in the mail, however some schools have recently included notifying students via email as well.

What if I want to apply early?

Additionally, some schools have an “early decision” or “early action” application option.  Students typically apply early to schools that they have a high interest in attending.  Early decision applications are usually due by the end of October and usually receive a response by mid-December.  This is another way to speed up the college acceptance process.

After you’ve been accepted…

Once you’ve received all your acceptance letters and have made your decision on which college you will attend, it’s important to notify the other colleges of your decision.  It is best to notify these colleges by May 1st.

What if I missed all the deadlines?

If by some chance you miss all of the traditional college application deadlines, don’t worry, there is still another option that is available to you.  It’s never too late to attend some online colleges.  Online colleges typically have more flexibility in their application process and can sometimes let you know within a couple weeks whether or not you’ve been accepted.  Online colleges will even sometimes let their students begin courses in the middle of a semester.

Final Thoughts…

As you can see, there is no standard time table to demonstrate how long does it take to get accepted into college.  However, I hope this article gives you an idea of the different admissions options that are available and, in general, how long it takes to get accepted into college.

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