How Skipping Breakfast Can Lead to the Freshmen 15

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

How many of you have heard this saying and still continue to eat just two meals a day? Now how many of you find yourself fearing the freshmen 15 and have the mindset that if you eat less, you’ll weigh less? You’re wrong! I’m going to tell you how skipping breakfast can negatively affect you both physically and mentally.

When you sleep through your alarm and wake up with that rushed and panicked feeling, by all means throw on some sweats, skip putting on makeup or even washing your face; just don’t skip breakfast. If you don’t have enough time to make breakfast then grab an apple, granola bar, or bagel and a bottle of water.

Mental Effects

When you start off your day you need to put fuel in your body. Food provides your body with glycogen, which humans need as a source of energy. I won’t bore you with all of the details but if you don’t eat soon after you wake up your glucose levels deplete and by lunchtime don’t be surprised if you’re feeling fatigued and grumpy.

If you don’t eat it’s so easy to lose concentration as well as the ability to think and problem solve. It can also cause fatigue and result in your falling asleep in class! I know that when I’m in class and I’m hungry I can’t focus on anything and my work starts to take the shape of whatever food I’m craving, and I’ve definitely fallen asleep a handful of times.

student sleep in class

Eating something for breakfast helps you wake up and provides you with energy that prepares you to face your day, skipping meals causes your metabolism to slow down which means that your body knows it doesn’t get fed often. If your body isn’t fed enough it will stars holding on to your food longer resulting in weight gain.

Physical Effects

Without eating breakfast, we are more susceptible to cravings and are less likely to make healthy choices throughout the day. This is where the freshmen 15 starts sneaking its way into your life. I found that when I started skipping meals because I was running late for a class, I began eating out more. Eating out isn’t always bad but I had started skipping breakfast and just getting some fast food meal for lunch. By combining my regular habit of skipping breakfast and eating out, I began gaining weight.

eating out

This can easily happen to you; habits form so quickly! Especially if you’re a freshman I highly recommend keeping some basic breakfast essentials in your dorm room because I know how difficult it can be to get yourself to the Dining Commons around your school schedule.

Another important thing is eating the right foods for breakfast. Eating foods that are high in fiber and lower in sugar is best. You can still have your cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast though, eating something sugary is still better than eating nothing at all. Just try to balance it out with some fruit, yogurt or oatmeal.

You don’t need to make yourself feasts either, if you really aren’t hungry in the morning, drink a bottle of water and bring a granola bar with you to class. Water will help jumpstart your metabolism and when you get hungry a little later you can tide yourself over with your granola bar. Also remember that you don’t have to eat staple breakfast foods, if you don’t like eggs, bacon or toast, you can always eat a sandwich, salad, or any other food that sounds appetizing.

Timing Isn’t Everything

There isn’t a right or wrong time to eat breakfast. If you have a habit or exercising in the morning, by all means wait until after your workout to eat. It’s best to not eat 1-2 hours before exercising but at the same time, it’s best for your body if you eat within an hour of waking up, so if you do exercise in the morning, make sure you eat soon after you finish.

healthy breakfast

Start eating breakfast! I guarantee that you will feel more awake and attentive, but you will also stay healthy and fit. Eating less does not equal weighing less! So do yourself a favor and make yourself something delicious to eat!

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Bryanna Maty

Bryanna Maty

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