How Students Can Quickly Research Careers

Deciding whether or not to go to college is a huge decision. While most students and their parents view college as a natural progress for high school graduates, most students fail to actively think about and research various careers before making the decision to attend college.

What’s The Best Way To Research Careers?

The absolute best website to research various careers is through the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  “Bureau of what?” you might be saying. Yes, I know, the name may seem kind of scary, but the website is actually really easy to use.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a website that measures “labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy.  Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to support public and private decision-making.”

So what does all that mean? Basically the website provides a wealth of information on the job market and various careers. What you should really be focused on is the websites’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

What’s the Occupational Outlook Handbook? The Occupational Outlook Handbook will provide you with valuable information for hundreds of careers on the following topics:

  •  Training & Education Requirements
  • Salary Information
  • Job Projections (i.e. is the field expected to grow over the next few years or not)
  • Daily Job Responsibilities
  • Expected Working Conditions
  • Job Search Tips

How Can I Find It? To locate the Occupational Outlook Handbook, visit this website:

Here’s how you can search for careers on the Occupational Outlook Handbook Site:

  • To find out about a specific career, use the Search box  ( that is on every page.
  •  To find out about many careers, browse through listings using the Occupations links that are on the left side of each page.
  • For a listing of all careers in alphabetical order, go to the A-Z Index ( and select a letter.

Three Reasons Why This Website Is Amazing!

  •  Detailed Information – For each career, the website provides the following information: Nature of work; Training; Other qualifications; Advancement; Employment; Job Outlook; Earnings; Wages; Related Occupations; and Sources of Additional Information
  •  “Significant Points” Section – This section is available for each career on the site.  It summarizes all of the content and just provides the key points for the reader.  This is definitely an advantage.  If a student is researching multiple careers and just wants to get a quick overview of a specific career, they can read the significant points section first before deciding if they want to read any further.
  • One-Stop Shopping – Unlike any of the other websites I’ve been to, this one gives the most complete view of each career field.  Students can just visit this website and find everything they need to make an informed decision about which career they want to pursue.

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