How To Apply To College

So you want to know how to apply to college, right?

While the college application and admission process can be challenging, I believe every student can go to college.

With the help of teachers, guidance counselors, parents and friends, the college application process won’t be as bad as you might have thought.

All you need to do is follow these three steps to get started!

How To Apply To College In 3 Easy Steps

  • 1. Standardized Exams

Before you can actually learn how to apply to college, you must take at least one of the approved standardized tests – ACT or SAT. If you need help with this process, contact your high school guidance counselor. He or she can let you know the next time these exams are being offered and help you get signed-up.

Some students choose to take the test more than once because they feel better prepared the second time around, resulting in a higher score. Whatever you decide, you must take at least one of these exams before you can learn how to apply to college.

  • 2. Select Colleges

After you’ve taken the ACT or SAT, you should select a college before you can discover how to apply to college. Take a look at your GPA and ACT or SAT score and sit down with your parents or guidance counselor to come up with a list of schools that best match your academic profile.

To make sure that you’ll get accepted into college after you’re taught how to apply to college, it is best to have at least one safety school on your list. This should be a school that you feel confident you’ll get admitted to, just in case the others don’t work out.

Next, you’ll want to pick a few “perfect fits” – as I like to call them. These are school that you feel fairly confident you’ll get admitted to and know you’ll be happy at while still receiving the education you deserve. Again, you must select your “perfect fits” before you find out how to apply to college.

The last thing you must do before I explain how to apply to college is to choose one or two colleges that will be difficult for you to get admitted to. I’m challenging you to challenge yourself! Don’t be afraid of rejection; you’ll have the other schools on your list to fall back on.

  • 3. Common Application and Online Applications

This is how to apply to college – through either the common application or online applications. I’ll explain in more detail…

A ton of colleges use the Common Application. This is an online application that you only have to fill out once and then send to as many schools that will accept it. Visit the Common Application website for more information. This is your first option as you begin to understand how to apply to college.

In addition to the Common Application, most schools have transferred their application process to their website. If you want to find out how to apply to college, just visit your desired school’s website and follow the steps.

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