How to Avoid a Stressful Exam Week

As the end of the school year approaches, students want to spend more time with the friends they are about to leave and less time in the library.  Unfortunately, this is an essential time to study since students need to be preparing for their final exams.  If you’re like me, it gets harder and harder to concentrate on schoolwork- especially as the weather is getting nicer towards the end of the year.  Here are some tips to hopefully make your studying a little easier.

Get your papers and projects done early

If you can write your papers and finish up your projects before final exam week, you will leave yourself a lot more time to concentrate on studying.

Decide what is most important

You probably have some classes that are not as difficult as others.  Decide what classes will require more studying and make sure to start early with those.

Get organized ahead of time

Write down which chapters will be covered, the time of the exam and the place ahead of time.  Know if the exam will just cover vocabulary,lecture notes, the readings or a combination of everything.  This is important so you can do your best but also so you do not end up studying something that is not relevant.  Additionally, you should plan out which days you will study for what subject and for how long.  Being organized and setting a schedule will help you feel less stressed out when finals week actually comes.  Make sure to schedule in some time for relaxing and exercising too.

Try to free up time around exams

If you work a lot or have a very active social life, try to keep those to a minimum as exam time comes around.  You will be thankful that you have the extra time to study.

Get plenty of sleep

Make sure that you still get a lot of sleep during exam week.  I know that often students think the best thing to do is to stay up all night cramming in all of the information.  Honestly, by the time you take the exam, your mind will be exhausted and it will be harder to concentrate.  Make sure you get a good night sleep before your tests.

Eat breakfast

Exam week is not the time to skip out on a good breakfast.  Give yourself enough time to eat something before class so that you can concentrate on the exam instead of how hungry you are.

Make sure you know your grade

Figure out where you currently stand in the class grade-wise.  Knowing how well you need to do on the final will help you when prioritizing your study time for each class.

By preparing early and setting aside a good amount of time to study for each class, you should be less stressed out and feel more on top of things as exam week rolls around.  Trying to avoid cramming is one of the top ways to avoid stress at the end of the school year.  Good luck on exams!

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Laura Szatkowski

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