How To Avoid Becoming A Lazy College Student

Some of you first year college students may have noticed by now that you’ve become a lot more, well, lazy since beginning your college career. Here you thought you’d be constantly busy with something every minute of the day, and now you’ve come to find out that there are many times when you’re just sitting around

In college, there’s a lot more freedom, and a lot more things readily available that makes it easy for us to turn into little couch potatoes. But here are some tips for not becoming one with your sofa!

  • Wear jeans. The lack of dress code at most universities make it easy to go to class, the library, or the dining hall in your pajamas and sweatpants. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, it just promotes laziness when you can’t even try to get dressed. Instead of just rolling out of bed and heading to class or wherever on campus, try waking up just five minutes earlier to put on a pair of jeans. This will help to get the laziness out of your system at the start of the day. And while being comfortable is completely fine – by all means, if you want to wear sweatpants, go for it – there’s a big difference from being comfortable and being just plain messy. Stained, ripped tee shirts are maybe okay for sleeping, but do you really want to wear them to your Chem lab?
  • Wake up. Not having classes until late in the day, or possibly not at all, can mean sleeping in for ages and not really getting anything done. Now, I’m not saying that you should wake up at the crack of dawn for a one p.m. class, but hey, you can sleep in til 10:30 and still have time to put the finishing touches on that essay, grab a healthy breakfast, work out, or just relax before your day starts. Sleeping too much can actually have negative effects on your health, and can even make you feel depressed. Plus, if you ever do have to wake up early for something, it will be a lot harder if you’re used to sleeping in til noon.
  • Use Time Wisely. Having big breaks between classes, or only being in class for a few hours a day can be a recipe for sitting around watching Friends re-runs all day. But try to get out and do something! Even if it’s just going for a walk around campus, going to your favorite coffee shop, or doing your homework at the library, a little something to get you out of your tiny little dorm room. And chances are, you’ll feel better and get more stuff done if you don’t just sit around your room all the time. If you find that you have way too much extra time on your hands, start going to the gym, join a student organization, volunteer your time at a local charity, or even get a part time job. You’ll be much happier with stuff to do instead of forming dents on your roommate’s couch. Now, it’s not a great idea to completely pack your schedule full and overwhelm yourself – that’s a recipe for disaster. But a couple extra things to do to break up the monotony and get your blood flowing never hurt anyone.

College is a time for fun, exploration, and discovery, not sitting and watching seven hours of television at a time (unless a really good movie marathon is on, in which case, go for it). You should be making the absolute most of the time you’ve got at this institution with your friends and colleagues, before you have to go out into the real world and get real jobs. So put down the Pringles can and the X-box controller, and go spend some time doing something productive, fun, or crazy!

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Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson is a freshman at Central Michigan University, currently pursuing a degree in Journalism. Elizabeth is a member of the CMU Honors Program, and is a staff reporter at Central Michigan Life, the student run campus newspaper. When she’s not in school, she can usually be found reading, writing, or watching movies, and enjoys traveling and performing in plays.
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