How To Avoid The Freshman 15 Without Going To The Gym

We’ve all heard about them.  Those Freshman 15.  Only few get by without at least making acquaintances with them.  But let’s be real, no one wants to even meet them for a split second.  Everyone will tell you the simplest solution is to go to the gym.

But what about those of us, like me, who despise the gym and don’t have time or the motivation?  And what about those people that treadmills just don’t work for?  Here are 5 ways to keep those 15 pounds away.

Register for classes that will give you a workout.  More than likely, your school has a wide variety of exercise classes.  Look for yoga, pilates, weight lifting or other exercise classes.  That way you will be more motivated as your attendance and participation gives you a grade.  Not only will you be more motivated to workout, but you can find a class with a specific niche, whether it be cardio, weight-bearing, flexibility, etc.  And you will have a expert there to teach you how to do it correctly and most beneficially for your body.

Don’t eat fast food.  Yeah, it’s fast, and it’s cheap in small increments, but not only is it healthier to eat in, it’s also cheaper in the long run.  Fast food has more fat, more calories, more sugar and more sodium in it than if those same meals were cooked in your own home, all of which lead to obesity.  If you’re on the run and do have to eat fast food, don’t order the biggest size, pick something that wasn’t fried, use minimal or no sauces and pick the “light” choice, if available.

No soda or candy bars to give you energy.  Late night study sessions will require some form of energy to keep you awake, but try using natural sugars instead of candy and soda.  Apples make a great substitute.  The sugars from fat found in candy bars and soda aren’t good for you, especially late at night.

Don’t stay up too late.  We all need our sleep.  Kids about the age of 18 are recommended to get about nine hours of sleep each night.  Getting less sleep than this can not only slow you down mentally while trying to do school work or make you fall asleep in class, but it also slows down your metabolism.  And with a slower metabolism, it becomes much easier to gain weight.

Walk to class.  If you live on campus, plan a little extra time in your day to walk to and from class rather than take the campus shuttle.  It may not be a far walk or seem like a lot of exercise, but it some is better than none and it gets your insides working.  If you commute to campus, park at a fair enough distance so you still get some walking in on your way to class.

If you follow these and other basic healthy eating tips, those Freshman 15 are sure to stay away from you during your first year on campus.

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Jillian Jensen

Jillian Jensen

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