How to be Successful in College

The first year in college, many students struggle with time management.  All of a sudden, you’re on your own, living with friends and have a lot more free time than you did in high school.  Often, students lose sight of the real reason they are away at school and end up skipping out on classes or on homework assignments.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Here are some tips for staying on top of your schoolwork:

Keep an agenda

Keep an agenda and make sure you record all of your assignments and when they are due.  This will save you the task of having to search through schedules online or papers in a folder to figure it out at the last minute.  Writing things down as soon as you find out the date will ensure you are prepared and help keep you organized.

Schedule time to do homework

Just like you make plans to hang out with a friend or to go somewhere, you need to schedule time to do homework.  Having a few hours set aside every day for that will help keep you on top of it and ensure that you don’t get behind.  In the end, it will help you be less stressed out since you are working on homework every day.  It is also a lot easier to do well in class when you are continuously reviewing for it or working on the assignments.  Saving things until the last minute will not only stress you out but also decrease the quality of your work.

Find a place to go so you’re not distracted

Find your perfect study place, away from friends and distractions so those hours that you scheduled for yourself to get things done aren’t wasted.  Be sure you bring everything you will need for the time you are there like water, a snack, headphones and all study materials.

Schedule classes at a time you know you’ll be able to make it

If you aren’t a morning person, avoid scheduling early classes.  If you know that you struggle to get up, it will be even harder when there is no one there making sure you make it to class on time.  Schedule your classes later in the day so you have a better chance of making it there.

Don’t rush

While you may want to get the homework done and over with as quickly as possible so you can meet up with friends or watch the show you’ve been wanting to see, it is best to take your time and make sure you do quality work.  Rushing through will not help you learn the material nor will you get the grade you want.

Moving to school is a huge transition.  It takes a while to figure out your schedule and get into the groove of things.  By starting early to ensure success, you will be much better off and more prepared.  By setting yourself up to do well, you will avoid getting stressed out and overwhelmed.

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Laura Szatkowski

Laura Szatkowski

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