How to Chill in the Summertime Heat

So it’s summer and you’re looking for something to do, right? Everyone recommends something “beneficial”- volunteer work, internship, job, etc etc. While I completely support the pursuit of resume boosting summer activities, let’s face it, you’re probably exhausted. You just spent the entire school year devoting your spare time to studying- your days to lecture halls, and your nights to essay perfecting- and for the next 3 months maybe you need a break. If you do think you can handle it, I definitely recommend doing something that can either fill your bank account or academia experience, but if you feel completely burned out, don’t push yourself. Here are some summer activities that fulfill summer vacation requirements.

Music Festivals- Cheap Ones

Everybody knows about Coachella, Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, and almost everyone would die to be able to attend one of these amazing festivals. But what not everybody knows is that there are tons of nation-wide music fests for exponentially cheaper admission costs, all it takes is some hunting. For pop-punk and alternative fans, there’s Warped Tour. This day long festival occurs in almost every major city in the US and for about $40 you can hang out with some big-name bands all day. Not all music festivals even require the purchase of a ticket! If you’re a country soul, festivals like B-93 Birthday Bash provide 3 days of the hottest country stars for free. The only costs that arise are parking and novelty items. Pretty great, right?

Summer Clubs

The school year is over, and chances are most of your clubs had their final meeting weeks ago and now your Monday and Wednesday nights are open. Instead of laying on your bed and staring at the ceiling for hours, look into Summer clubs! Many students attending your college stay in town for the summer, and if there’s students, there’s clubs. At Michigan State there’s the summer Water-ski and Wakeboard team and the Outdoors Club- just to name a few.

Fine Tune Your Hobby

You’ve been pinning fun crafts to do on your pinterest for months now, well now you have the free time to do them! Or maybe you’ve had your dad’s old acoustic sitting in the corner for the majority of the year and all you’ve had time to learn is the C-chord. Whatever the case, with all this free time, do something for you! Search craigslist and find a camera for sale and try your hand in photography, or take a kickboxing class. Who knows, you might find something you actually love and come the school year it could be your source for relaxation and stress relief.


Unfortunately, people hear the word “travel” and automatically associate it with planes, passports, luggage, aka, money money money. That isn’t how it has to be! Try traveling the country via college towns. There are often buses that go to and from major cities for cheap and I’m sure you know people who decided to go to school out of state, right? Grab a backpack with the essentials, grab a $30 bus ticket, and head over to the friend that you’ve been promising to visit since freshman year.

College summers are the perfect opportunity to get a jumpstart on your future, but sometimes it’s just as important to chill.

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Caitlin Leppert

Caitlin Leppert

Caitlin Leppert is a freshman at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in journalism. At MSU, she is a member of the Outdoors Club taking weekend adventures in nature. Caitlin also enjoys long boarding, Ray Charles, and, of course, writing.