How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Let’s face it: the walls in dorm rooms are ugly, plain and bare.

Every dorm room looks alike, each equipped with a bed and maybe a desk. One of the most exciting parts of moving into a dorm (or even apartment) is that there’s so much room for creativity and fun in decorating!

Luckily, there are tons of simple ways to add some much needed color and excitement to any college dorm room or bedroom in an apartment.

You don’t have to be super fancy, spend a lot of money or take too much time in order to do it. Those aspects are all up to you!

But don’t find yourself sitting in an uninspiring, plain old dorm room! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in it doing countless assignments, papers, projects and study sessions.

Take pride in your space and make it your own! Don’t be afraid to spice things up.

How To Decorate Your Dorm Room


Okay, so this might seem obvious but going with a fun and inspiring bedspread will surely turn your boring bedroom into something eye catching! Pick a color and design that makes you the most happy. Don’t just stick with something plain. Your bedding will practically be a center piece in the room, and you’ll be sleeping with it every night. Choosing the right bedding is not only an essential, but it really does add a decorative element to the space.

Desk Lamps

Definitely an essential, but can easily become a decorative piece! Shop around a little, and pick something that speaks to you. Like bedding, you will be spending a lot of quality time with your desk lamp. Why not make it interesting? There are also tons of cute DIY lamp ideas on Pinterest!


Much like bedding, this is not only an essential (especially if you have hard floors) but a great way to add another splash of color and design to your room.

Cork/Dry Erase Board

When going to college, these are two items you will definitely want to have. Whether you need to pin up the flyer for a show you want to attend, or  you need to write down your homework for the week, having a cork board and/or a dry erase board is essential for staying organized!

However, most students wouldn’t think of it as a piece of decor. Wrap your cork board with some cute fabric, or add a frame to the outer edge! Maybe just use the cork board for hanging pictures! Again, these are essential to success in college organization so why not make it useful and decorative!


The last dorm essential is to somehow incorporate photos from home, magazines or wherever into your room. These not only add life and some much needed style to the space, but they allow you more personalization. As mentioned before, tack them up on your cork board or put them in picture frames to hang on the walls.

Other Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

  • flowers in decorative vases
  • fun wall decals
  • your own personal artwork
  • artwork from your friends
  • movie posters
  • different window curtains
  • a dream catcher
  • a fun bedside table
  • and more!

DIY Dorm Room Crafts

When all is said and done, when thinking about how to decorate your dorm room, I believe one of the best ways to personalize your dorm room is through DIY dorm room crafts!

Many of the dorm decor ideas above can be made personalized DIY style including the cork board, dry erase board, decorative vases, and more. Sometimes the best decor is thought outside the box and oftentimes just involves spicing up something you already have! There are tons and tons of ideas on the web for fun DIY ideas, so be sure to check out Pinterest!

Here are two fantastic articles that share DIY dorm room crafts ideas and show you how to create them for your living space!

Quick Dorm Room Design Tip

If you are planning on hanging things on the wall, I would recommend using Command’s Picture Hanging Strips!

They are affordable, damage free, and reusable hooks that stick to a variety of surfaces and will leave your wall stain and hole free! These are great for hanging frames, especially in a dorm where you can’t damage the walls.

You can buy them on Amazon or find them at most home home improvement stores.

Remember these cool dorm room ideas when you are setting up your room! They will surely help you make your room feel more at home.

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