How To Fight Depression In College

The Blues…we all get them. Being away at college and on your own for the first time can make the blues even more apparent. Whether you’re feeling homesick, are down about a relationship/friendship or are just in a funk, you’re not alone. Most students will feel blue at some point in their year, especially as a freshman.The trick is finding ways to bring yourself back up before the blues consume you. Here is how to fight depression in college and drag your spirits back up.

  • Exercise

This isn’t just any suggestion; it’s scientifically backed, so you can’t ignore it. Exercising is a great habit to adopt when trying to learn how to fight depression in college because it releases endorphins, which are known to lift spirits and make you happy.

Anything that will get your blood pumping is a great way to turn your frown upside down. A run or bike ride can be very therapeutic to clear your head. A dance party in your room can be fun and get out all of your funkiness. A kickboxing class can help you to release any frustration that’s holding you down. Even gentler exercises such as yoga or pilates can really help to alleviate stress that may be causing your blues.

When you’re feeling down you may feel like you don’t have the energy to exercise, but I promise if you just light a little fire of motivation under yourself you’ll be much better off.

  • Write

Often times there is a reason that we’re feeling blue, but we can’t always identify it right away. Writing gives you an excellent way to get out the thoughts bouncing around in your head and may even help you to identify what is going on that is bothering you.

I like to journal as often as I can. It’s a simple solution when trying to figure out how to write depression in college. I write a stream of consciousness of whatever comes to my mind for 15 minutes straight. Even if it seems silly, I write it. And after my 15 minutes are up, they’re up. I look back at what I wrote, and then leave it there. I move on from those feelings. It sounds cheesy, but it has helped me so much with feeling overwhelmed.

  • Call Home

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with your mom and dad. Or brother and sister. Or even someone holding your dog up to the Skype camera. Often with homesickness, it creeps up and hits us before we even know what it is. A call home can reassure you that people at home are still there for you and care. Plus moms know how to fight depression in college because they’re your mom, and they always know just what to say to make you feel better, so let her do her job.

  • Surround Yourself with Happiness

Just like smiles, happiness is contagious. If you sit alone in your room with a big ol’ frown on your face, chances are you aren’t going to escape it. So if you want to learn how to fight depression in college,drag yourself out of bed and find some friends to watch a funny movie with, or grab dinner with chances are their smiles and good demeanors will wear off on you.

  • Talk to Someone

Don’t face your sadness alone. Let someone know how you are feeling. Whether that be your parents, an advisor, your roommate or a friend, let someone know that you are feeling a little blue. Letting others know how you feel will help you to not feel so burdened by your feelings. And it allows others to try and help. If your blues feel like more than just the blues, reach out to someone beyond your friends and family.

Unfortunately, there is a large negative stigma in our country with mental health, but there is nothing wrong with seeing a counselor to talk about issues going on in your life. It can be an amazing way to move past what is holding you down, so never feel like that is out of the question for you. Most universities will offer free service with counselors for students who are feeling sad or depressed, so this is another great option as you’re learning how to fight depression in college.

Completely avoiding the blues in college is nearly impossible. The important part is seeking help whether that is through your own means or reaching out to others to make it through your set of the blues.

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